Where do I go to get info on EVO entrants?


For example: What are the demographics?

How many people registered for each game?

How many males/females registered for each game?

What are the age brackets for registrants?

How many people from each region (japan/US/Korea etc) registered for each game?

Please accept my apologies if this is a noob question…


Some of the information you want can be found here.


Thanks! But no demographics?


I actually was thinking about age and gender, more specifically.

I know there is a huge dearth of Female players but wanted to compare them by title- to see if there was a slightly higher showing per game.

Similarly, to see which games skewed older- so for example to see if games like MK and SC appealed to a younger crowd, which games had a lot of older veterans returning, who exactly is playing KOF, and so forth. Purely out of curiosity.