Where do i post if i wanna sell a stick?

ive been looking all over the site for a selling thread or something and i havent found anything… can someone help me? xD

Premium members have a trading outlet- but there are requirements for selling through the forum that can be found in the related sub-forum faqs.

Premium is totally worth it, I have looked at this website about 800,000 times. Worth supporting.

The Trading outlet is not exclusive to premium members…any forum member can use it as long as they have at least 50 posts (no BS spamming), and have been a forum member for at least 6 months.

You don’t really have to be premium member to use the Trading Outlet. There seems to be a requirement for every member. I’ll quote what it says on the sticky.

He only has 43 posts, but looks like he’s got the time. Just needs to be a part of the community and speak the hell up. :tup:

lol thanks guys, i was also wondering, how do i become a premium member?

It’s under Settings -> Paid Subscribtions.

But as some point out, you don’t need to be Prem to use Trading Outlet… I think. Never used it myself, but there seems to be posts by non-Prems so it shouldn’t be a req.

:rofl: nice try

as everyone said already, just go to the trading outlet (on top of regional matchmaking boards)

you dont need premo.