Where do i start in umv3 ? Help


Alright imma new umvc3 player coming from ssf4 . Im still learning the basics in this game and what characters are capable of, ive picked my team basically on looks iron fist , hawkeye and nova . Im a really rushdown type player but like to lame it out when i can was trying to figure out if this a good team or what like with assist and everything . Could someone help me out i dont want to take 8 months to know what im doing like in ssf4 lol ?


Well have no worry, MVC3 is easy to pick up if your willing to spend a couple hours.

If you like to lame out and rushdown, characters that aren’t purely one or the other are in your preference then Taskmaster is probably the best choice for a character with both solid Rushdown and Zoning, also other contenders are Trish, Dr.Doom, Hawkeye (to an extent, his rushdown is kind of tricky), Dr. Strange and Dormmamu

How is your execution?


IMO there’s a few areas to start if your serious about learning. The first is online, take the time to watch some tournament footage and get an idea on what play style you want to play and see which characters look good for you. You’ve taken a liking to Iron Fist, that’s awesome! Next step is to hit training mode and mission mode, they’ll help you improve your execution and learn more about the character. Mission mode isn’t good at teaching you the intricacies of the system, like how to land the more difficult combos as it doesn’t EXPLAIN anything, so use your online resources for that, but it’ll give you some ideas on what’s possible with the character and get you practicing combos in the process which is all good. The other step to take is online or with friends, get out there, get playing with other people and just mess around, don’t get discouraged by loosing, just getting a feel for the character in a competitive setting will help you more overall.