Where do i start? (New to SF comics..)

I wanted to know if this covers the entire first serious of the street fighter series done by udon.



Yes, that paperback is a good start to the Udon Street Fighter series, as it also contains the rare issue #0.

If you REALLY want an excellent start, it would do you well to find the
Street Fighter Ultimate Edition (soft cover found in stores, or hard cover
found at Club Udon: www.clubudoncomics.com).

The book you linked above is the “Trade Paperback” and does NOT include
everything you need. Backup-stories are missing, along with the Cheapshot
pages. It only covers the first half of the Street Fighter series.

The Ultimate Edition covers EVERY ISSUE in the series, including back-up
stories, covers, artwork, cheapshots, and extremely hard to find pages
(such as the GamePro special).

you should definitl check your local comic book shops also. thats what i did last year. went to several shops too hunt down the entire first series. only took a month or two. people may think i’m crazy or could have bought them onine but it was worth it to me.