Where do I start? Trying to get into this game

My younger brother just got this game, but I’ve been playing it occasionally at a friends house. I already know that my main team will be Morrigan and Jun, but when I go into the forums and try to read, i really don’t know where to start. The lingo confuses me.

For what it’s worth, I play SF4 (and just about every other SF) and MvC2.

Go the videos thread and try to find some videos of your characters.
Go into training mode and try some things out.
Then play your friends a lot. Experience is the best medicine.

If you’re confused about lingo, people generally tend to explain it, so read more carefully.

Do you have any examples of the lingo you are confused about?

Heres a link to some notation. For TvC the japanese notation (numberpad) for the joystick is commonly used. Its at the bottom of the linked page.

Button Notation:
a = light attack
b = medium attack
c = hard attack
p = partner/assist

OTG = an attack that hits a grounded opponent (“On The Ground”)
DHC = delayed hyper combo (when you switch during a super)
TK (Tiger knee) = http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=178982
BRQ or BBQ = Baroque

Note: not everyone uses the same notation so be prepared to learn.

Edit: More notation: http://www.shoryuken.com/wiki/index.php/Glossary
General TvC info: http://www.shoryuken.com/wiki/index.php/Tatsunoko_V.S._Capcom

I think this covers just about everything you will see

Thanks. It will most likely be a gradual process for me since SSF4 is about to come out. Do you all play each other online?

The online in TvC isn’t exactly SF4 online (not surprisingly), so most competitive players don’t bother much with it. You can find a few “online warriors” though in the code topic.

If you’re going to play online get a lan adapter. Its the difference between a playable and nonplayable game.

One more tip for you sir. Don’t judge your skill level by online play, especially not in this game. You have to almost change the entire way you play to win a match online.

I hear people say stuff like this a lot, but I assume those people are just lagged. Why is online so different from regular play? In what way do you change the way you play?

Differences in connection is a biggie, which can lead to spammage of stupid tactics that normally wouldn’t be effective in regular play.

Don’t be surprised when you run into Wii-mote spammers (commonly of the Zero variety, who spam his projectile with a single button). Wii-mote overly simplifies controls and makes it so that even charge back, forward attacks come out with one button press.

If the match is laggy I tend to do much simpler combos instead of nice long combos. I can say though that I’ve come across many matches that had almost no lag at all. I can’t preach the lan adapter enough.

Well, yes, but zero spam is the only time it really seems like an advantage. Beyond that, I’ve yet to run into a wiimote player who wasn’t horrible. Besides, that’s a controller issue, not an online one. Aside from the occasional lag, isn’t it all good? People disrespect online so much, it doesn’t seem right.

^ To put it simply, No.

Even if you take out the major advantages wiimote users have over anyone capable of playing the average 2D fighter, even the slightest bit of lag will effect your effectiveness in dealing with matchups. A little lag is the difference between punishing Blade’s yo-yo move and just blocking it. It’s the difference between an effective combo and a touch of death. Basically, it’s the difference between winning and losing, and the thing that makes it frusatating is that there’s always some lag. Whenever there’s input delay present, it’s almost impossible to fight against some characters. Try chasing around Ken the Wiimote or fending against Zero’s mixups. Even Soki’s ‘A’ stabs are hella effective online cause it allows the players to hit confirm his combos regardless of input delay.

Of course, you don’t really see the stupidity of online until you’re playing with someone who cannot function in that enviroment. Try playing Frank or Doronjo online. Unless the opponent is ass, you’re almost bound to lose because you can hardly unleash the true potential these characters have. Frank doesn’t have the ability to hit confirm online and Doronjo can’t use her henchman effectively when there’s a delay on when they come out, assuming they can’t out at all and you didn’t mess up the command(s).

Basically, if you play enough characters, you realize that 40% are not viable online. Why exculde good characters for the sake of being online warrior, especially against a crapload of wiimote babies?

You’re saying what I expected, you hate online because your connection is lagged. I agree that lag matches are not remotely worth playing, but I don’t agree that there’s always some lag. I would estimate that 80% of the opponents I play are lag-free, like 60 fps, you might as well be in the same room. Then, I never rematch those who are lagged, so the amount of lag-free matches I play is probably closer to 95%.

Now if you play people in your area, you can probably play to your full potential. But when I say “play online” I mean play randoms from across the USA or whatever. You’re guaranteed to get a 75% lag rate where you can’t do anything really good.

Offline is where you can tell how familiar you are with gameplay. Online just isn’t good enough, and won’t bring out the best of you as a player.

I simply cannot accept that estimate, I see nothing close to that in my own experience. I don’t mean to drag this out as an argument, but I really think that those of you complaining about excessive lag are complaining about something that not everyone experiences. Have you tried 2 or 3 different ISPs to see if it’s just you? I wouldn’t go around saying Crysis sucks just because I don’t meet the minimum requirements for it.

My bad. I wasn’t talking about the framerate lag in my previous post. I was referring to the button lag and input delay. That’s always gonna be present in any online match that you play. What’s worse about TVC in particular is that you have no idea just how bad that input delay is gonna be (or how much worse it’ll get) until you get into the match. For some characters (Zero, Soki, Ken, Ryu, Blade, etc.) this won’t be a big issue, but for others (Frank, VJ, Doronjo, Tekkaman, etc.), input delay forces you to play those characters drastically different.

With Frank offline, I can knock projectiles away on reaction, hit confirm into OTG shopping carts from his awful normals, punish moves on reaction and setup infinite loops with ease. Online, I can’t do any of that stuff, no matter how smooth the connection is. So instead, I spend the match spamming 5C xx Roll until I can hit confirm into mega blaster or something. This strategy is horse radish compared to the stuff my Frank’s capable of with the proper timing on my inputs. Why would I want to invest time and energy in online Frank strategies when I can play a much less braindead frank offline?

It’s also very aggravating the way some matchups are effected by input delay. A decent Alex player with a half-second delay on his inputs is not going to beat an average Blade player with a wiimote. Unless you’re Nicolas Cage and can see stuff 2 minutes into the future, It’s just not going to happen. Even if you got a solid connection, if the other guy has a sorry signal, it will still affect your timings and inputs.

When you play a mode where winning and losing is not primarily affected by your skill and ability to read your opponents, that’s when you know you need to stop playing that mode/game/series etc.

Even in the best possible connection (1 frame of lag), the game changes. It might not be something that you would notice right away, but certain moves become harder to punish, certain tactics become harder to counter, certain strategies become more powerful. Pushblocking a jab spam character (looking at you yatterman) becomes extremely difficult, for example.

I have massive bandwidth over here in Japan, so my connections usually don’t lag to any noticable extent. I use long combos and do just fine, however, going from online to offline, you notice that certain things work better online and certain things work better offline. They’re not the same and they never will be, even if they can be pretty close.

Hmm, I assumed visual framerate was a good indicator of what was happening. I didn’t realize there could still be input lag. That’s too bad, although I still think the overall online experience is decent (it certainly beats playing the computer over and over).

Nothing beats playing the computer the computer is godlike is in many ways.

Online is not decent me and Kurasa played on that rubbish and we live so close to each other it wasn’t worth it.
When he can’t do his Doronjo 4 tree loop consistent after he told he can do it with his eyes closed we have a problem.