Where do I start?

Hi guys, I’ve only picked up SSF4:AE last weekend and I gotta say I’m lost.
I’ve played the challenge mode with quite a few characters and the one I seem to enjoy the most is Juri.

My question is where do I begin? Finish all the Challenges? I’m stuck on one right now. I’ve been only playing the Arcade mode to try to force myself to use the things I’ve learned from the challenges.

Should I look into the Combo thread and start working on getting the combos in Arcade mode?

It’d be great if someone could help me go in the right direction. I’ve been reading all the guides in the Newbie and Juri sections. They’ve been quite helpful, but I learn best “hands on” so to speak.

P.S. I’m new to fighters. I’ve been a lurker of the scene for a little, but never got around to actually playing until now.

Thanks in advance. If this in the wrong forum, or there are threads already covering this, please redirect me and close this. I did do a search, but maybe my searches where too generic.

The challenges are a great way to get a feel for the game. Some of the combos aren’t completely practical, but they’re worth doing for your character. Spend time in training mode really getting a feel for your character. Then just hit up online and take it from there.

Okay, let me ask you first, are you trying to be a competitive type player, or are you just wanting to be the king of the hill amongst your friends? It’s okay if you aren’t looking to be a tourney player, but depending on how far down the rabbit hole you are willing to go there are varying degrees of what you can do.

If you are just looking to beat the CPU, it’s way different than beating a person. People are generally the tougher challenge, so if you are looking to beat human opponents, it takes some gradual steps up, but you can get it.

It sounds like from your experience though, you may be confused by thinking that learning long intricate combos is a key to victory, but that’s far from the truth. If you can’t hit your opponent to get that combo going, then learning those combos is meaningless. You need to see where and how you can hit your opponent, and from that first hit, go the next, and on and on for max damage. That means learning to punish their mistakes, and forcing them to make mistakes.

The best advice I can give you is this. Focus less on the combos, some of the challenge mode stuff is impractical anyway, they are mostly challenges for players more experienced. Instead, start playing real people, and see what they do in certain situations. The more you play, the more you learn, and in the end, experience is the real winner. And don’t start with ranked, it’s not that forgiving. Instead, invite friends to play, or stick with endless lobby or something unranked, and try to find people who are willing to talk and listen to you.

Also, know when doing combos, the timing of your buttons presses is REALLY important, and mashing stuff out isn’t a good idea. If you are doing stuff too fast or too slow you may end up dropping a combo or something. Learning the timing to button presses and combos does involve a little muscle memory, so it takes some practice.

Finally, don’t focus so hard on winning, but on learning. We all become frustrated, but skill takes time to accumulate. A man learns more from one defeat than a thousand victories.

Yea should definatley give the Trail Modes a try. Get a feel for your character and learn some new stuff. Though like someone else stated, most of them aren’t all that practical in real given match.

Yea you should most definatley look into some combo threads. Meeting new people and learning new stuff is always a good thing. But go into training mode first and spend some time in there and then go to the arcade or online or w/e. Here is the SRK Wiki for Juri http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Super_Street_Fighter_IV/Juri

I know how you feel about being lost, but eventually as you play more and more you start to learn a little here and there and then gradually it will all just make sense.

best of luck :smiley:

Thanks guys for the advice.

@West - My friends play games casually so it’s tough for me to find someone to play with. I know my city has plenty of people who play, but I’ll figure out how to go about that. I do want to play this competitively. I’ll play some endless for now, but goodness I’ll be a freebie.

@Atlas - The anti-air is the one I’ve been looking for. I guess I’ll ask around in the Juri thread.

Well, If you have Xbox Live like I do, or PSN, that’s a start. Plenty of people can add you on friends list and help you practice from time to time. Just look for the right people.

You want to combine practicing mechanical/exuection stuff in training mode with playing real people or online. You’re best off spending like 90% of your time actually playing and 10% drilling shit. Even if you are losing a lot you’re learning way more than you think you are.

Pick a character and learn in this order:

-How to anti-air

-Best normals, even if you don’t know how to play footsies just figure out the best normal and spam it when in doubt and you’ll learn by experience why it is good. So as Ryu that would be cr. mk probably. Don’t know about Juri really

-Punish combo, what combo do you do if they fuck up and you get a free hit? As Juri it’s some normal cancelled into EX pinwheel.

I won’t go further than this because actually mastering these three things will take you a lot of play time. You basically want to stay on the ground and anti-air them, then block and punish dumb shit they do. As Juri you need to work on your fireball game. Using fireballs will make them jump which lets you anti-air them. Don’t spam EX pinwheel (seriously)

Juri’s cr.forward is probably one of her best if not her best poke. I picked Juri when I first started playing, but I ended up going with Rose. Her cr.forward can actually make her go under fireballs iirc, it makes her hitbox really small and low. Juri’s best anti air is her cr.strong, it’s damn good.

systran is exactly right about just learning those 3 basic things. If you can do that you will at least have the basic skills needed to beat, really anybody. The rest is just time and practice with match-ups, situations, and mindgames; which you will never really be able to completely master.

But yeah, cr.mk xx pinwheel is your bnb, and I think hk xx pinwheel is your basic easy punish.

I’m just going to throw my two cents in here: Juri’s not exactly the easiest character to begin with. You might want to start with somebody with a more defined set of punishers, like a shoto, Fei, Blanka, etc before you pick Juri.

Why? Juri has some really unorthodox punishments, and to figure them all out is sometimes a pain. I mean, one of her anti airs is j.mp. Eventually you’ll learn to innovate punishments and anti airs, and you can move to whatever character you want.
Juri DOES, have awesome pokes though. Very awesome pokes… and her c.mk xx pinwheel is one of the most annoying things ever because it’s so damn good.

After playing around more, I’ve found that I really like charge characters. What’re your thoughts on Balrog as a beginner character? I haven’t really played around with Blanka yet. I will tonight.

Combos and cancels are making more sense to me in the game now. My timing has gotten better. I guess when people say “You just have to play more” really means you just have to play more. Thanks to everyone.

Rog’s an awesome beginner character. Good anti air options, great punishers, not a HUGE execution hurdle.

Thanks. I’m really liking him. Been playing around with him a lot past few days.

Thanks to everyone again.

you should practice your combos/block strings/tech throws/punishes.

Meh, I wouldn’t worry about doing intricate combos when you’re just starting out. Just some basic punishes is good enough if you want to be a little fancy, just try and get a feel of the game first…your character/s will follow.