Where do most of you play?

Hey all,

Just wondering where most of the SRK people play?

Do you play Championship, Ranked, Player.

Would like to play some SRK people more…just wondering what every plays or prefers and why?


I play on all modes

i only play on championship mode.
i just started using the matchmaking system while in arcade mode.
it feels like you get games a lot quicker.
1 bar games suck!

I play versus mode in real life with real people. Get together with a bunch of people from around the SF Bay Area every Saturday night, and a few nights a week with my bro Chris. I hardly play online at all. If I am not playing Versus Mode then I am playing training mode…or (shh…don’t tell anyone) 3rd Strike.

You will find me on ranked matches on both systems.

Pretty much Player Match only.