Where do the pros play?

Hey SRK.com forum!

First, I’m a noob to the SF scene and I absolutely love the SRK.com site and the community. Definitely looking forward to becoming apart of it.

Question: Where do the pros play? I currently have SFIV for PSN but I noticed that the 360 forums are very active.

Do the pros even play online? Or do they spend most of there time playing in live tournaments and traveling across the country?

One more random question: I don’t have a stick yet, I’ve browsed the sticky’s regarding available sticks, but I’d like to hear some opinions on this and figure out some places to shop. I’m also open to the idea of building my own.

Looking forward to the responses.

At my house.

Most top players come from areas with an active arcade scene.

You can’t go wrong with a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for your PS3. It’s a good quality stick and is easy enough to mod if you choose to do so down the line.

Welcome to SRK.

Beat me to it.

Lemme know when you wanna get some games in. I got a car.

If you’re just getting into Street Fighter, I wouldn’t recommend that you run out and grab a stick immediately. See how you like the game first, mess around, see if it’ll keep you interested, then think about getting serious.

Also, I don’t think now is a good time to shop for sticks. SFIV has inflated their prices insanely.

Got it. Thanks for the advice guys. I used to play tournament in MvC2 - never took it too seriously and pretty much sucked (spent most of my time playing Starcraft competitively). Do we know if MadCatz is releasing TE 2.0 sticks?

From the time I’ve spent playing SFIV on the controller, I feel like that game is 100% intended to be played on a stick. Whereas some of the Alpha’s etc, was a bit more manageable.

So most of the pros who have a good local scene play at the arcade?

Fuck these guys, I got beer and candy. I’ll send a limo.

But seriously, no good players take online play seriously at all. It’s all offline play. Street Fighter doesn’t have “pros” like other mainstream games in the conventional sense. There’s a small group of top players that trade places among the top, but the rest of the field is always changing. EVERYONE travels to play.

Redwood city? You live in norcal right?

Yeah. There’s a couple of big GolfLand’s around the area. You ever play there?

Hm, why is that? Is there significant lag issues when playing on Live or PSN?

Yes, and no good comp. To put it bluntly, you won’t become a top player training online. Be thankful you live in California. Norcal has a good scene. Support arcades.

Race/APM/ICC Rank/aka’s?

… Just curious is all =P


hi teamliquid

Look here


also SJSU and UC Davis both have cabs

in the basement of Empire Arcadia

Damn i wanna play Street Fighter at this guy’s house :tup:

I am in DC player and would like to run some games with you. I can’t seem to get a live session(offline) around DC for the life of me.

The common view is that fighting games are more sensitive to slight lag than other games.

If you can get some of your friends interested and try to grow your skill together. Being in norcal definately helps once you and your friends get better and need more comp.

Undead/220ish/none/played for mtw, u5, hoorai, ggl

yeah… wc3