Where do the pros play?

yet another ego thread

Seriously, if your just getting started with sf4 you really aren’t going to find a better place to play then online. Their are some serious assholes around here that don’t understand that lots of people don’t want to pay $100’s to travel to some tournament, especially when theirs a good chance your gonna get knocked in the first round (what could you possibly learn from that experience). Find some guys you like playing online and organize player match’s

My set-up brings all the pro’s the yard.

There’s a matchmaking section at the bottom of the main page of srk.

Use it to find people that live near you.


Quoting this for emphasis. Besides the arcades, you have Keystone II (arcade as well but you know what I mean :wink: ) and Keystone Light. Both have competition so good that training with online play would be a huge waste of time considering where you live.

What you need to do is stop being lazy and hit up the matchmaking forums. Introduce yourself and get some matches in.

Haha. Wasn’t aware that I was being lazy. I’ll check out the match making forums. Thanks!

Come to GGPO, we will make you a man out of Street Fighter in no time.