Where do you buy electronic components?

I have access to a Fry’s and Radio Shack, but wondering if there are better (cheaper) places to buy things like connectors and other DIY components for prototyping. I have several mail-order/web-order catalogs that have better unit prices but that’s usually offset by excessive shipping charges. eBay has been okay but their selection is limited to really common items like tools and wire.

Where do you usually get your stuff?

Frys is where i get my stuff that they have available


Digi-key. They removed the old $5 charge for orders less than $25, and they do first class postage, which means an order placed on Sunday arrives Wednesday, at least for me in Idaho. So i dont feel bad if I have to place an order for a small amount of parts, because a light weight package would only be ~$2 for shipping. A heavy package is still reasonable; my last package was for 300 28-pin chips;fairly heavy. Postage was $15.

Honestly, even if I did have a Fry’s, I’d still order from Digikey for anything I didn’t need right-this-very-instant.

x2 freakin fry’s got almost everything, most of the time I like to see what I buy, some sites don’t even have actual pictures or are outdated or when you get your stuff it might not be what you were expecting. of course that is if you have a local fry’s

Sadly no fry’s in canada, we’ve got active tech and sayal for local walk-in electronic shops in toronto that i know of

If it is stuff I need now, radio shack is the only place I have available. I have had one of my friends get me stuff from mom and pop stores, and they are usually cheaper from what I’ve seen.

Online I just order from whoever is cheapest.


You all should really type in “Electronics Supply” into yelp.com. I found two small electronics stores that carry most things that Fry’s and Radioshack don’t carry. I even found a store that sells vacuum tubes. I’m fortunate to live within driving distance of 4 Fry’s electronics.

my only problem with Digikey is that the search function is very hard for me to use. I’m getting the hang of it, but it is hard to find something when you don’t know the name of it.


I have to resort to online. Or, I do have a friend in Texas that will send me stuff from Fry’s if I ask her to. I wonder what people think seeing a teenage girl carrying around a bunch of logic gates and D-subs, etc. But I usually don’t ask her.

Normally, if it’s any kind of component, Digikey.

If it’s a super-specialized component, I go to Mouser (Though they dicked me on shipping)

Cables from Monoprice, or sometimes, I do like Cablesnmor. Depends. If I’m buying USB cables and an HDMI cable and some other things, then Mouser. But if I just want a single DB-25 cord or maybe a pack of 20 RJ45 plugs with boots, I go to cablesnmor. Pretty good shipping.

MCM electronics is where I generally get tools and wire.

If it’s something common like a resistor or simple switch, then I head for Radioshack.