Where do you find your art?

Exactly like the title, trying to get some inspiration for anew stick design, wanted to know where you guys find your art.


Google, Yahoo, and Photobucket.

I search random wallpapers
Search engines are great

http://boards.4chan.org/wg/ (Wallpapers General)
http://boards.4chan.org/w/ (Wallpapers Anime)

are not bad for one time browsings

4chan lol? Do not search on 4chan. Gosh the things that pop up there…

gelbooru/danbooru and avoid all the hentai.

edit: by avoid, I mean ignore. it’s unavoidable.

I think OP meant what gives you inspiration.

It isn’t as bad as you think, atleast I did not send him to /g/ (tech) or worst /b/.

I found some wallpapers on 4chan I can’t find elsewhere.

As for inspiration, I [S]steal other peoples work[/S] get inspiration from what I see other people do.

Watching a lot of Anime
Reading Manga
Playing games (RPGs and FGs of course)
Listening to music (Metal preferably)

Nah I really mean where you get your images. The 4chan stuff was great actually, I never venture out of /b. Does anyone have resource that isnt heavy on anime?

occasionally sites like capcom unity will release official renders of their promotional art.
vgmaps.com has backgrounds ripped from older games.
alot of wikia pages have high high res art/scans in their image galleries.

try deviantart.com, great place to get ideas and images