Where do you get that 60" Udon SF poster?

Is it suppose to be an exclusive or something?

I heard it was coming out but never saw these. Is there a place to buy one of it?

Which one is that? The Jam one with #10-12 A on? That’s been out a long time and how you find it depends on where you are. I tend to use online comic retailers.


I’m not sure, it’s the one with all of the SFA and SF2 characters on it. I remember hearing you could get one by buying the SF arcade stick.

Well anyway, does any have a link to a site that has it available?

ebgames sold the stick along with the poster.
but a lot of comic stores/anime shops around my area have just the poster for sale.

Silver Bullet Comics has it for sale for like 6$. If it really is the one you are talking about it’s under Street Fighter ALL CAST poster or something.

Yeah, I’m talking about this one:


Is the $6 poster the same one as the one I posted in the link?

that poster would have been so much more awesome if it had all the characters in it, like SF3 and SF1 + FF characters

Then you need a wall that is like double the width…

You can always get the ALL STAR poster if you wanna get all 50 characters on one sheet!

anyone know an online store (other than ebay) where it can be ordered from?