Where do you go for video game news? I'm sick of the big sites

I’m looking for smaller “mom and pop” sites. I’m sick of the big sites.


For news, usually the big sites have the latest stuff, N4G, NeoGAF, Joystiq, IGN, Kotaku (although most SRKers hate Kotaku). As for gaming opinions, usually go to genre specific websites, ala SRK/TZ for fighting games. Honestly, I don’t know other genre specific websites, but, I find that that some (definitely not most) SRKers have good gaming opinions.

The Magic Box: International Videogame News very japanese games-influenced

These are all big news sites lol.

What do you have against the big sites, when they are the ones that are going to have the most and up-to-date news?

On a long enough timeline, ‘mom and pop’ sites eventually become (and often aim to become), those big sites. Some are more reputable than others, though. Destructoid.com is fairly on point, while IGN.com is a few nodes away from completely losing it’s soul. Kotaku’s cool, *most *haters completely fail to provide reasons for hating even when people ask them outright. I like Kotaku, though I wouldn’t put them over too many sites.

My main rounds are Dtoid, Kotaku, and IGN. Sometimes Gamespot. More specific news will lead me to SRK/Eventhubs, Bungie.net for Halo (maybe the best ‘official’ site ever), and others.

i mean for any real news the bigger the site the better. it’s not like there’s some “indie” videogame world out there that’s not being reported on.

I love IGN’s exclusive articles but hate their review writers.

Although, I’ve recently put *way *less importance of *all *reviewers - but IGN personifies what’s wrong with the practice.

How about Giantbomb.com? They’ve only been around for a few years, and they don’t have a large staff. The only thing is, they won’t review every game; instead, it might get a quick look. They don’t have a Demon’s Souls review, for example.

I don’t understand the hate towards big name gaming sites…

Yeah no clue here either. First thing I do once my browser is open is hit


GiantBomb.com, which is kinda like Kotaku but better in every possible way, except for its video game wiki, which like every other wiki is a joke.

Fuck Kotaku and its “we’re a legitimate gaming news site, but also a blog, which is the weakest-ass excuse a supposedly legit gaming news site can make to explain away the bucketloads of journalistic bias and comment moderation we base our shitty-ass website around, but seriously take us seriously because we’re serious business” nonsense.

Dr. B isn’t capable of hate, so he can’t hate Kotaku. He’s a better man than I.

I stick with NeoGaf.

I’ve been at Ign since 2001, but I typically get stuff from forums (Ign, GAF, and the Wii News thread here at SRK).

  1. What the fuck is a “mom and pop” game website? I can’t imagine a little old grandma and grandpa sitting around fervently typing up the next sales numbers for Activision’s last quarter.

  2. News is pretty much the same news you’d find anywhere; don’t see how it makes a difference unless it’s Kotaku in which case it’s usually bullshit.

“Mom and Pop” is a bit of a misnomer in this case. It’s someone who is pretty sick of the big sites for the fact that they’re big sites and they cover plenty of fluff (But most of it is legit. Hate IGN all you want, but their news coverage is the industry standard)

If you’re looking for smaller sites for an extra perspective, I really enjoy:

Games Are Evil
Games Radar (Although it is “big” I think it’s genuinely good game discussion)

And one more “big” website that does it right:


i like joystiq for main gaming news and rockpapershotgun and the indie game blog for random pc game news. I used to frequent destructoid but that site has gone to crap and i’ve gotten a few malware warnings from my antivirus while browsing the site. happens too often for my liking.

edit: fuck kotaku

I frequent
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