Where do you guys buy your stuff? Where's all the PS360+s?


Hi guys,

Been outta the scene for a bit, but looking to finish up some loose projects. Looking for an online supplier and was wondering where you guys shop for all your parts? I’m finding that inventory is really lacking, and stock is low on everything on most sites.

Here’s some of the questions I got…

  • What happened to Akihabara Shop? I used to get everything from them! The site is still up, but are they still functioning and accepting orders?
  • There seems to be a global shortage of PS360+… what’s going on? Anyone have any in stock, or an ETA? Any decent alternatives?
  • Paradise Arcade shop seems to be the most comprehensive, and has tons of inventory… but prices and shipping to Canada are kinda sucky, but then again, that seems to be the case no matter where I shop
  • Other than the kaimana LED board… are there any LED PCBs, that are actually IN STOCK? I’m trying to set up a super simple LED stick, and I kind of need a no-frills, user-friendly, solder-free solution but I don’t even know where to begin with wiring and boards… any help?

Thanks guys!

  1. akihabarashop.jp is still quite functional.
  2. Akishop is the only source of them, and there’s been an extended period of them not shipping orders out to suppliers. Rumors abound, but people suspect they’re making revisions to bolster the state of their current device support (rather than, say, trying to bypass the PS4 bluetooth requirement). No ETAs because they don’t say, but I got my order in last week (waited about a month), and I know Focus Attack has some en route. We’re all in the same boat here.
  3. Try ArcadePower. If not them, give Focus Attack, Jasen’s Customs or Arcade Shock a look.
  4. Toodles’ Remora does LED, and if I recall, Mufasa2 in the trading forum was unloading a bunch of ArcEye3 RGB LEDs as well.


Godlikecontrols has the fgw led board, if you want simple, it’s a good cheap option. Also, if you want simple, why not just tap the usb power? PS360s have been hard to find since before EVO. If you need PS3 and XBOX360, my preference is Chthulhu and and XBOX360 pcb. Plus you can easily tap the +5v line on the Chthulhu pcb.




All the shops that carry PS360 have orders in for more. PAS, CA, all of em. If that’s the way you want to go the wait should be over relatively soon.