Where do you guys find RPG sprites at!?


I can’t find these danm things anywhere! I know that about 95% of the avs here have to do with fighting games…but i wanted to make one that had to do with RPG’s…so do you guys know where i can find some sprite sheets!?


Oh shoot! H. King wit the hook ups again! Thankx man:D

www.rpg-icons.com has a variety of RPGs. I didnt look at the other place listed in this thread though. It may have the same ones. I dont know.

So mickey mouse…lol you looking to get into doing the graphic work?


Sure am! Guess that makes me the newest newb in town!:smiley:

You are huh?..ok good luck to you and here you’ll need these give him the tools for PSok seeeeya woudnt wanna be yaaa.


Oh geez…have to ask this question… ps is?


Oh…photoshop…I don’t even have that! I’m getting it soon though!

yep photoshop.7…that’s what most of us taggers around here use.

ching ching

Will that be cash or credit card sir?

I got a question already… How do i make bad ass backgrounds like you guys?

Off subject…How do you respond to my posts so fast with out even being online…it doesn’t have a check on your “online” box! I was just curiou…it doesn’t even say that your browsing this forum!

Haha well for you’re first question that gonna take a whole lotta time bud,i can’t just tell you off the bat keep practicin.And for the second question,it’s because i have it on Invincability mode,you can change that in you’re profile at the top right hand corner.

So that way peeps cant see that you’re on,…like the predator or a snake…

:evil: …ching ching…Mr.mojo is in the hooouse.

Oh! thats cool! Anyways thanks for helpin me out so far…Like i said making stuff in paint is:lame:

one REALLY quick question…you guys make those backgrounds from scratch!? Oh and also…Do i have to buy “Image Ready?”

Right now i’m reading the image manipulation Q & A thread…it’s soooooo long!

No problem…well you can buy it but that’s gonna cost you a pretty penny bud.I got mine from my cousin,so it was freeeee like the birds that fly and the fish that swim…anyways the one i got was the hack one shhh don’t tell anyone ok?

Well once you get ps.7 let me know i’ll help you out.

chin ching…i hear some money.

Okay from now on…I’d like for you to be my mentor…that cool with you!? I’ll notify you as soon as I get photo shop…thanks a lot man…peace out!

haha you’re mentor?..well if i’m around i’ll help you out if it’s something that i can answer.

Imageready comes bundled with Photoshop. But if your going to buy photoshop, buy the new one. We all probably use 7.0 but CS I heard is really good too.

Photoshop 3 is the shit. I have converted.