Where do YOU play 3S?

I can’t find a single 3S machine in my entire county. I crave live competition, and my friend got us banned from live by modding his xbox.

I plan on driving to lots of places this summer, preferrably places with a large amount of 3S machines to pump quarters into.

So I ask: where are the 3S machines at? Maybe I’ll stop by on a trip.

Dallas TX. Arcade called Animation Town. Pretty good scene down here.

Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills, CA has the best comp (probably in the entire country), and there’re people there almost all the time (from whenever it opens until 2 AM everyday).

Other than that, I also play at a local arcade called Action Arcade in Arcadia, CA. There’s usually some lower level comp, but the place closes early (10 PM).

hah, of course it’s all on the other side of the country.

I live in Michigan :frowning: bah!

Well, I’ve driven to Texas before, and have been meaning to do it again, so who knows.

Super Arcade near my college.

action arcade? I live aroudn arcadia too =D maybe ill see u there sometime

In my city ASUNCION - PARAGUAY jijijijij

do you know the address for action arcade? i live in san marino and the only place i know of with decent comp is in rowland heights.

Electric Ave. in SoCal, right down the street.

Action Arcade is in Arcadia, at the corner of Duarte Ave. and Second Ave. I don’t have an address though. :xeye:

Who knew arcadia had an acrade. :-x And where in rowland heights is there competition?

I play at cal poly or super arcade

Action Arcade Directions Link

Mostly at Moorpark College now on their crappy cabinet…but sometimes, I go back to Electric Avenue to play. Hell, I was there last weekend.

woot, go ventura county

wow, i didnt know there was an arcade in arcadia, im close by to there. anyone of you local guys know what time and day of the week would be best to visit for good players, for 3s? thanks see u there

There are usually at least a few people there each day. Sometimes I’ll stop by briefly, but I only go on weekends, mostly.

The sticks SUCK though, so yeah.

im with septimus… i go to action arcade every wknd or so… sometimes during the week too… best time for comp would probably be right after school or around 6-8… im normally there… and yes… the sticks suck alot… cal poly has a couple good machines… its a little further from arcadia tho… FFA is awesome!

the world famouse coney island amusemant park theres atleast 3 third strike machines there…i got my first win there

I play 3s in my mind.

I play at Funland, London Trocadero, usually on friday nights.

i play at the quantum arcade chains here in the philippines.
not really having a huge arcade community for 3S thou…