Where do you play SF4 in San Francisco, CA?


After a bunch of search online and asking around, I have not been able to find an Arcade that has SF4 machines. The ONLY place I know of is at San Francisco State Univeristy (those 2 machines are crap). I am wondering if anyone knows of a place to play SF4 in the arcades in San Francisco…? I heard there is some place in Chinatown, but can’t find it on the internet.


SFSU and SJSU are the only 2 cabs in NorCal.


UCD MUGA has one too, but that’s not in SF.


^Yup, sorry I meant the SF area.


The SFSU machines are fine if you can adjust to using HAPP P360 sticks. If you can’t…then oh well.


The cabs for the UCD MUGA are prettyyyy


I feel you man, I can never get used to the Happ sticks for the love of God.

In addition, I feel like there should be a stronger SF competition in one of the bigger cities available. I am originally from LA so places like Arcade Infinity and Denjin are much missed.


Yeah, I moved from Austin right after Arcade UFO opened and I figured there would be amazing arcades out here, but there’s pretty much nothing directly in the city. Well, I guess there’s the Metreon, which has SFIII MvC2 and CvS 2…but last time I went there all the screens looked like they were dying and there was no comp to be found.


If anyone is looking for games today there will be people at SJSU on SF4 and 3s at around 2


Yeah, too bad those Korean sticks are worn out like crazy :rofl:
But we’re supposed to put Sanwa sticks in once the Korean sticks fully break down :lovin:


Got a question, i knew norcal didn’t like sf4 in the beginning and a lot still played cvs2.

have people given up on cvs2? I might actually go out if it’s still being played.


why is the machine crap in sfsu?


it’s got american style sticks / buttons. would rather prefer japanese style for most players.


Didn’t OCE guy say he was gonna swap sometime ago?