Where do you stand? (Ranks)

This thread is basically here so people can show where they are as players here in MvC3.

The idea is this;
Platform: PS3
Rank: 5th Lord
Ranking (Overall): 1419
Ranking (Total Wins): 1943
Ranking (Consecutive Wins): 771

So on and So Forth. I don’t care much for the High Score leaderboards, just for the others.

771 wins straight eh? What spam are you currently favoring?

I think that means he’s 771st place as far as consecutive wins are concerned.

salt salt salt

Platform: PS3
Rank: Beginner
Ranking (Overall): 0
Ranking (Total Wins): 0
Ranking (Consecutive Wins): 0

That’s my Rank, not my wins. XD My Consecutive Wins are 27 at the moment.

I think ill be the last one to leave 9th if that ever happens. I whoop ass in player matches, I dont know how to fight cheesy people in ranked :frowning:

It’s a Race between you and me man… lol I think I may have been the only player to rank back and forth between fighter and 9th like 3 or 4 times… Same here I get good matches more often in player matches cause I guess that is where all the below 5th’s go when they are tired of getting “Murder-Faced” in ranked lol.

I swear I get more 5th lords than anything else… what happened to same rank setting… I am a fighter getting matched to 5th’s with 200+ wins and a 20+ game win streak… hahaha I am free points for them.

You guys will do fine, I’m sure.

Platform: PS3
Rank: 1st Lord
Ranking (Overall): 27
Ranking (Total Wins): 68
Ranking (Consecutive Wins): 58

This game gives me the illusion that I’m good at fighting games.

I just cannot find your name at all every time I look on the leader boards.

After the robotic beatdown you gave me at EVO, I am not surprised.

I swear I already saw this exact same thread, except last time it was locked by Preppy for being of absolutely no strategic value

Xbox live

3rd lord
Overal rank 289

Was 248 but didnt play for a few days. -_-

Updated the top, since I’m further along than I was before.


“Same” doesn’t work just like everything in MvC3 doesn’t work.

umm, I think I fought you but I can’t remember anything about the match. I was using a Red colored team of hulk, task and wolverine.

I guess you was another of those sentinels users.

meh, online

Platform: X-Box 360
Rank: 8th Lord
Ranking (Overall): 6893
Ranking (Total Wins): 55
Ranking (Consecutive Wins): 6