Where do you start?



I’ve been playing SSFV for a month or two now, using Seth as my main. I am really interested in trying out Dhalsim, but he is really different compared to most (if not all) of the characters in the roster. I have no idea where and how to start learning Dhalsim. I have done the trial for Dhalsim already and I am still pretty clueless.


I just started playing with sim the other day. So far what I’ve focused on is this:

Get a basic understanding of which pokes to use when. Basically figure out how far each goes and how fast and try to understand which to use and when.

Learn your basic Anti-Airs. People generally fit into 2 categories online. The kids that play ryu and turtle fb war you and everyone else… aka the jumper/rushdown kids.

Against the guys who try to outzone you you’ll have to start picking up using your fb and knowing the proper spacing. For example a lot of ryu’s will fb and just hold +back. What I find myself doing in these situations is throwing my own fb and then using light and medium slides after the fb to immediately regain the distance lost by them holding back. They’ll only be able to run so far before they hit fullscreen. I’m finding that the best spacing is around 3/4 screen or so for me. From here I can fb and also st.hp will hit as well. It’s also a good distance for AA. From that range if they’re dumb enough to jump just back+hk them out fo the air.

If you’re playing the rush happy jumpers who are closer to you then you’ll have to use back+mp which does a better job of hitting above you and hitting the closer range jump ins.

If they manage to get point blank to you, you’ll want to know to use a sequence of pokes like this:

back+st.lk > back+st.mk > st.lk.

This will basically help push them back away from you so to speak so you can regain your zoning distance again. Don’t abuse teleport too much to try to rush down as it’s fairly slow. Although against people trying to fb zone you if you can figure out the timing of their fb’s you can jump up then teleport crossup and try to go into the back + fp > back+st.mk > yoga flame. I’d only go with this kinda shenanigans when you feel comfortable at close range with sim though.

Another big thing I find myself using all the time is away + throw. People will rush you down and there’s a lot of opportunity to just throw them away. Use a lk/mk slide and tick throw them.

Anyway this is what i’ve been trying after a few days of playing sim. Definately a huge thing is learning to use the AA (back+mp and back+hk) Once you can teach them jumping in on you is a bad idea you’re free to use your pokes more effectively and the pokes are where it’s at with sim.


I’m still a total noob with Dhalsim as well, but here’s where I’m starting: learn the anti airs and which work for each opponent, learn the fireball game, learn to NOT rely on standing or jump fierce so much, learn poke situations and very basic combos.

I agree with joeca18888 and his categorizing of players. Basic anti-airs and pokes will defeat a decent amount of people online.

Also, learn to be patient and block/tech a lot when someone is in close on you. Don’t mash to try and get out of a corner when they’re on you.

Try not to get cornered. Like joeca18888 says, 3/4 - 1/2 is a comfortable spot for Dhalsims. Try to keep them in the corner.

This is prolly a little basic for a lot of the players on SRK, but it’s always a good refresher course.


Learn your basic anti-airs (b. mp when they are pretty close to directly above you and b. hk when they are about a body length away in the air. Jumping mp and standing/jumping HK work too), they are the most important basics you need to learn when using Dhalsim as you don’t want to give your opponent a chance to get in. Some characters might be harder to anti-air if they jump attack at a certain distance (Guile and Rose come to mind) or will usually result in a trade if they are using the right air attack (Sagats elbow), so learning all the match ups is also pretty vital if you are playing high level.

Learn Ultra shenanigans too with Catastrophe and Shangrilla. Unfortunately, the trials do not teach you very much at all other than b. mk into yoga flame into yoga inferno since Dhalsim has very few combos. Use every normal at the correct distance and just get a lot of experience using every tool at your disposal (this includes Yoga tower, since tower can avoid a lot of moves from scissor kick, projectiles, command throws, low hitting moves, etc. In a fb war, you can throw off the timing of people who hastily try to throw a fireball only to throw a jab by accident since the fireball will still be on the screen and punish with fierce).

Learn to block. It will usually be the case that someone may score a knock-down on you, you’ll want to look up for cross ups and block low when they are on the ground (block high if they overhead, but that partly goes with learning character match-ups). This just comes with experience, along with tech throwing. Slide under and to the other side of the screen if you are coming near a corner when they jump at you too, if they give that opportunity. Mobility will usually consist of back dashing, instant air teleporting, and lk sliding. Focus back dashing sometimes works too if you are at a distance where knee or mp won’t work.


I wanna try SIM so bad, but I can’t do a yoga flame cancel off his normals for the life of me…are there any tricks to how pull those off easier. I feel like that is a pretty big hole in my SIM game


Thanks for the help guys. I went training mode to learn more of his normals and to practice the teleport bmk+yoga flame combo. Went online, won a whole lot of scrubs but lost to all the decent ones.

Anyway, is there any method to properly time your teleport? A couple of times when I teleport to my opponent, the both of us will be in some really awkward positions and the both of us will whiff our attacks


Hmm there’s not really a trick to it imo. I just press back+st.mk and then immediately do the motion forward, down forward, down, down back + st.lp. Maybe you’re just pressing it too slow?


It eventually comes naturally to you if you practice it for long enough. You might have more trouble doing it from the left or right side longer than you would the opposite side. Do the flame motion quick, but smoothly while you are doing b.mk and don’t mash it out.


Hit training mode and show inputs. There isn’t a trick to it but the inputs do have some leniency to them.

 :df::qcb: will count as a half circle back towards the yoga flame input. This helps with doing short slide into yoga flame.

Overall you just have to be smooth and accurate in your motions. Just practice


I personally go B.Mk, DB, D, DF, D, DB, B, LP. It feels the most fluid to me, personally. Find what feels most comfortable for you, as it seems to differ based on grip, hand size, etc… Good luck!


For the combo.

Im doing. B.MK, df, B.LP … no kidding and Smash the quarter circle and punch for super.


Just keep practicing man and you’ll eventually get it through muscle memory. It’s nothing difficult honestly. It’s hard in the beginning, but it gets easier once you keep on practicing. It takes some time to adjust that’s all. If you’re on pad, I think that’s really difficult to pull off, but anyone can do it (assuming that you’re on a stick which seems to be ergonomic norm). As corny and basic as it sounds, just keep on practicing and you will eventually get it.

Try practicing b. forward to yoga flame on the ground. Do b. forward and buffer yoga flame near the ending animation of back forward. Once you get used to that then try mixing it in with the punch or kick teleport mixups. If that’s not working for you then try b. fierce (headbutt) to yoga flame. I think that one might be easier to learn. I hope that helps.


This. If I had a pound for every time I’d slid under or yoga tower’d a Ryu fb to have him instantly whiff his double hit punch thing afterwards… well I’d be very rich.


:df::l::lp: works for the flame in the combo. Practise is all it takes, I actually find it to be one of the easier combos in the game.


been giving some play time on SIM and he’s pretty awesome to use. Most of my attack consists of instant air teleports to BnBs. Can’t quite help myself by doing shenanigans too much lol. I also need to familiarize with the recovery time and spacing of a Yoga fire so i’ll always have enough time to anti-air when they jump. so basically it’s all about learning spacing for sim, with some shenanigans sprinkled in. Dhalsim’s anti-air’s gotta be the best in the game


I don’t know that relying on “shenanigans” is the way to go. Play risk free, most of your damage comes from pokes. IAT only in certain circumstances since it’s absolutely not safe in most circumstances.


yeah yer prolly right. it’s just that I came from vega, abel, sakura all in which are shenanigan heavy characters. Yeah, I should prolly adjust with SIM


Argh I’ve been playing Sim since super came out and the AA thing really frustrates me versus shoto’s and Fei. The jump in roundhouse I simply cannot AA. They throw it out so early to stuff a limb and because those are the best jump ins in the game the active frames last forever and the b.HK also gets stuffed.

It has caused me into a retreat game and before you know it I’m in the corner trying to poke my way out against dp happy shotos…

The spacing for that AA has to be so pinpoint…


The alternative for b.mk xx yoga flame is to

use c.mk into yoga flame.


less range and damage I think.

Shortcut motion for Yoga Flame



Your b.HK is too late. Shoto jumping roundhouse gets beat by b.HK at any range.