Where do youtube uploads go?

I am just wondering because I uploaded a video on the 360 version and it didnt ask for my youtube account or anything. So I have no idea where the video actually goes. Any help with this?

Yeah, I’m wondering this too, Capcom didn’t specifically state where the YouTube replays actually go when you upload them, And unlike the PS3 version it doesn’t ask for your YouTube account info, when the Encoding/Uploading finishes it’s just… gone.

Any actual info would be really nice.

it goes to a dedicated channel from what i hear, and this is due to microsoft sucking ass

Oh my days!

I want upload some vids! cmon MS !

I think it goes to this place

someone have a link for the channel ?


Does it even tag your gamertag anywhere?

no gamer tag, default is just the character names

you have to edit the file name yourself, but limited to 30chr, alpha-numeric only (no symbols)
the vids are uploaded 240p, with horrible framerate (but works at least for now)

fyi: it takes about 1-2 hours before its up on youtube