Where does CvS2 still get love?

I’m just wondering, cuz in my area (Chicago), no body seems to care/play competitively? It seems like it’s slowly dying. And everything I hear about (in 2d fighters) is the popularity of 3s or GG (GG seems to be getting bigger by the day around here).

I love CvS2, especially over 3s. The two main reasons why are the amount of characters, especially when it comes to tiering them, and the actual tempo of the game. The tempo part is personal preference, but the character selection is just way better in CvS2 in comparison to 3s.

Especially in this sense. Whenever I see someone playing 3s at an arcade (which isn’t often cuz there’s not alot of lively arcades in Chicago-land) everyone uses Ken or Chun-Li. Sure there’s the occasional Makoto, Ibuki and Yun, but not much else for serious players. CvS2 has lotsa characters that are awesome though. Bison, Sagat, Blanka, Guile, Cammy and so on…

And also, the difference in top tier to mid tier is much smaller in CvS2 than it is in 3s. So in all seriousness, why does 3s get more attention than CvS2?

I guess the response I would like to see is a couple things.

First, where in the U.S. is CvS2 still played heavily?

And secondly, which do you prefer? CvS2 or 3s, and why?

  1. I get neither game around here, but 3s is more popular by far, i guess the larger cast is two fold. You may like it because you have so many more options to choose from, but a lot of people may prefer 3s where they know what they have to fight against.

  2. Neither, both games bore me to tears. I want flash, I want new and I want more than poke poke poke xx super.

3S is my favorite, Il admit that the character rooster is someway inferior to CvS2. But thats not 3s strongest feature, to me its the simple game mechanics that i like. Strangly its simple yet very deep and hard to master… CvS2 has so many grooves and characters it makes my head hurt. And yea nobody plays CvS2 here too, so I really dont know :stuck_out_tongue:

CvS2 still gets love, at least for a 2D fighter. Game still gets more play then 3S, ST or A3 does, at least here stateside.

CvS2 gets love in Norcal, but for casuals nowadays you gotta post on here if you want peeps to come.

cvs2 still gets love at big tournaments because it’s a good game all around. people who never liked it still swear that the game is only C/B/S, bitch about roll cancelling, and think low fierce still wins the day. but for those who really learned to play it, i think those people will still keep the game alive in one way or another. me personally, i’ll most likely stop playing fighting games when cvs2 dies, because that’s the one game i’m best at, and 3S and mvc2 are just on the side.

i guess people like 3S so much because parry kind of levels every character so they can at least compete to a certain extent. plus although there are FEWER characters than in cvs2, each character in 3S falls into the major category of gameplay (ie zoning, grappler, rushdown, keepaway, combo specific, big damage opportunity character, oddball, etc). 3S has about 1 or 2 each, cvs2 has 3-5 of each of those characters.


I totally agree. I have never really gone to an arcade and played competitively. And nowadays it seems like most play is at a gathering on consoles at a friend’s house. But I can’t agree more with the bitching about roll canceling and what not. I have a friend who, skill-wise, is far better than I am in any fighting game, but he complains about rolling and everything he can in CvS2. I try to explain to him that when you really play the game alot, you’ll figure out ways around things like that. And then, your opponent’s will figure out ways around your tactics and so on and so on. To me, complaining about something in a game that’s nearly perfect is plain old whining. I feel like Capcom has mastered fighting games, however, and any complaining is all opinionated. That’s my stance at least.

By the way, as far as 3s being simpler than CvS2, I can understand that being a better draw, but still, I think that’s kind of a dumb reason to prefer one game over another (at least in the competitive fighting genre) if you’re really serious about contending.

Oh, and my friend who complain’s about rolling (just rolling, not even rcing, cuz none of the people i personally know can even consistently rc in a match), his favorite fighter is whatever the newest tekken is. (to me, tekken, although fun, is far from perfect…much further than CvS2 and 3s)

Same thing here. Casuals are a bit slow. But, tournies still get a decent amount.

My dear Amoc you just sound like a good friend that plays CvS2 and tries to explain the concept of rollcanceling aswell. Also the good friend also likes tekken so hmm i wonder if you are the same. Anyway i do like CvS2 and dont play it high lvl like anybody else around here. Yet im willing to learn up the game to atleast enjoy and give comp to anyone that would give me a chance. Trust me here in Indiana you dont get much comp on any game due to arcades dying around here. Maybe one of these days we can hook up and get our game on heh. Do play 3s and give my good friend a run with my Akuma -be gentle- yet his CvS2 skill is something to be respected and i hope i give the man some pain.

i think cvs2 is a bit like marvel nowadays, too hard to learn and pick up unlike 3s.

there people who complains how easy cvs2 is because its about CBS and crouching fierce but when they use, they get rc’ed and shoshoshoed to death. now that they got rc’ed and shoshoed to death, they think rcs are are unstoppable

same thing with mvc2, people complains how easy and braindead cable is, but majority of cables nowadays gets rushed the fuck down.

compared to cvs2 and marvel, 3s is easy to pick up, especially ken and chun li (surprise, surprise, and you wonder why everyone uses chun and ken in the US)

i’ll take cvs2 over 3s anyday due to the fact that majority of the cast is usable in high level competition. high level 3s consists of yun, chun, ken and the occasional urien, dudley and makoto. there are a lot of 7-3 ratio matches in 3s.

I love how everytime I say I don’t like a game, someone negs me.

Btw, if anyone cares, Daigo’s playing N-Gouki/Ken/Ryu now.

Are you talking about that one vid (which looks dated and/or very casual) or is there something else to that?


Also, for whats expected of Daigo his Gouki sucked ass in that vid compared to other Goukis I’ve seen.

Saying you dislike a game isn’t whats getting you negged, but summing up CvS2 and 3S with comments like this certainly will.

I have no problem with you, but for gods sake stop acting like your username, you know better than that.

Miami barely sees ANY fighting game action. Maybe I should make a money match tourney and rack in the cash.:rolleyes:


Check apex south atl. There is a decent crowd of people that always get’s together for some cvs and other games as well.

I take it back then. These games also happen to consist of punishment poke xx super. I think you’re missing the point. It’s not the poking I hate. It’s the that the only way to do damage is super. You’re right though, I could learn to play dudley or Gouki, but 90% of the cast needs super to do damage. Like Yun or Chun in 3s. Something like you know guilty gear where I can 60% in the corner with potemkin or Millia where I can do a 20 hit juggle and to tag a super afterwards does shit damge. Or heck if I’m playing Slayer and I want to use super I can RC something. Even KOF isn’t as super focused as SF. Iori does his qcb+p X3, Kula can do C ice breath A ice breath c.C qcb+b f+D dp+C.

Hell even Urien who doesn’t do much damage with super needs super to do damage. I want a game that allows for cooler combos. Isn’t that what I said? More flash?

EDIT: I’m pretty sure if I said I love cvs2 because it’s poke poke poke xx super and sounded like I actually meant it I wouldn’t get negged. But please neg me some more you high headed haters. And maybe leave your name and stop acting like the pussies that you are.

Alex almost never uses a SA to do damage, Hugo outside of Gigas doesn’t either, Remy as well doesn’t rely on a SA, I could go on.

90%, I don’t think so, read above. And nobody is forcing you to play as Chun or Yun, plenty of other charcters in 3S don’t rely on XX super to win. Perhaps relying on this strategy is why the game is boring to you.

I can’t comment here since I don’t know enough about these games to form an opinion.

Urien mainly uses Aegis for set ups and resets, most of his actual combos deal with charge partitioning. Sorry, but when you first learn to d+HP into charge partitioned tackles, into an unblockable set up…it gets you quite hard.

You can almost guarantee yourself more neg rep now, not likes it’s important, but you seem to find it so. Not trying to be a dick here, I’m trying to help, but you really come off as a thick headed gamefaqs poster.

That’s it huh? Man u sure know ur shit :tup:

P.S. Please die.