Where else is a good place to buy buttons

Aside from lizardlick? I want to mod the HRAP3 with all white buttons and balltop, like this – http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/8436/rap3wtv259406474sv3.jpg

Problem is they dont have the Sanwa 24’s in white. :tdown:


Also, lizardlick stocks white 24’s. You could get them there if you wait a few days/a week-ish.

Yup, those 2 are the best sites to buy from, I order from lizardlick myself, though Akihabarashop has a really good slelection also.

Cool thnx guys. Lizard doesnt have the white 24s and I have no idea when they’ll get then back in.

We are ordering in 1h so if you want it shipped next week just let me know.
It might be a little pricy with just two buttons though as it is shipped from Japan (home of Sanwa and Seimitsu ^_^).

^Listen to this man…quality service.

And I see we have the same idea for modding our sticks :rofl:

Yeah I like them clean and simple. Nothing too fancy.