Where in Dallas can i play MVC2 & 3rd Strike

sup all I trying to find a spot here in dallas where i can play MVC2 and 3rd strike. I’m open to anything. I need to start playing again it’s been a minute and I’m getting rusty… I NEED MY FIX!!!

Check out the first post of the DTX thread. :tup: Hope to see you at the house of goons for a ranbat sometime.

Where in Dallas can I play SNK??? :lol: :rofl: Just curious because I need my fix…lol.

:rofl: apparently smashunit found a lavanderia somewhere in dallas

most laundry mats and liek fiestas or something have snk games

your basement.

Okay cool…all I gotta do is get my dirty clothes and quarters ready then…

:wink: :rofl:

hahaha. yea mexicans love wasting money in that game.

Fiestas in dallas have MVC2

lavenderias have MVC2 and some SNK games if youre down with that.

Beastin on mexicans is great shit.

youre a goddamn fool and dont appreciate the humor. :shake:

acie you get worked up about everything dude. calm down man.

haha, its all good nigga just chill.

stop callin me nigga, youre white as fuck fool. just cause you play marvel doesn’t make you black. stop trying to be thug.

Dont you love when people speak in Ebonics?? WTF ??? :sweat: Hell I am black and you will NEVER see me using those words at all… :tdown:

acie dont get stepped on.

fa realz if you wanna money match in RL we can. fuck a game. you need to calm that shit down on the real denton kid.

justt play video games and stay on the forums like a good little boy.

whatevas yo and for the record i never see you hittin up games at any gatherings… getting all cocky and shit with threats doesn’t make you good at games.

im not talking about fucking games. im talking about “REAL LIFE”

i suggest you shut up.
before you get hit with a shoryuken in real life.

:tdown: shame on you smashunit.

i’m backing up acie, fyi.

you’d have your hands full, son.

you sound almost as stupid as lukus with gaming references. please stop.:tdown:

i thought you were cuban?

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im not down with drama. but acie likes saying shit to me. im like 4 times his size.

calm that shit down, “kid”