Where is a good place to sell my arcade stick?

I bought a madcatz arcade stick white about a year ago and put sanwa parts inside it. I stopped playing video games almost fully so I would like to sell it. I see ebay has some sales but wondering if there is a better place.

Trading outlet? You’ve been a member since May 2009 so you should be able to do it there. Or craigslist.

wow didn’t know there was a trading outlet haven’t been here in a while thx

When he puts up the Thread in Trading Outlet, I will Report.
He does not meet the requirements to sell.

Oh, I just did.
Reported within seconds.

Moonchilde, you should have known the Rules before suggesting xalted13.

He needs 50 posts as well to sell.

Stick to craigslist or eBay.

Please refrain from telling people to go to the Trading Outlet if they don’t have 50 posts yet.

Sorry guys, I only remember seeing the 6 months rule. I don’t spend a lot of time at TP, as you can tell.