Where is Dark Prince?


"Washed up motherfuckers like Clackwerk"
Where is this chuckie cheese lookin motherfucka?


Personally, I couldn’t care less about Donald Duck’s black nephew, but whatever happened to that short cameraman of his with the lopsided mohawk?


I heard his 5 year ban from EVO gets lifted next year?




I hope he returns soon. That dude generates controversial hype like no other.


IIRC, DP was still playing marvel til it died, it seemed like he was at peoples houses and local arcades. He was in Mike Chaos’ video talking shit about Fanatiq and that was as recent as 2010. There are alot of mvc2 players who weren’t online but still playing


…I’m really bad at remembering names, only got in the scene more seriously a few years back…and am too lazy/ dont care enough to look this dude up. Who, exactly, is this Dark Prince you speak of.


Sad how nobody gets this reference …


no one cares about that fraud with the mohawk :wink:



…And then hilarity ensues.

His pretty smile will never be forgotten either:



the original rage quitter.


Nigga has legit problems. To want to fight and stab over a game, nigga needed help.


Bit off topic but I’m curious does anybody here remember a user here called “Son Them All” and his “exposed” thread back in 07-08? Too bad it’s gone now, props if you remember what I’m talking about.


josh wigfall is such a fuckin beast


Dark prince was at WNF some months ago and popped in randomly and started commentating


Were people really that rude and angry back in the day or was it just them and a few others? Maybe they’ve changed… I guess video games really are serious business.


Anything that you do with a passion is serious.

I hate when people say its not that serious.


Everyone talked shit to each other back in the day, and it wasn’t uncommon to see large amounts of money being put on the line in addition to their territorial/personal pride(this was especially true for MvC2). At the end though, it was mainly for hype and fun. Dark Prince was just one of the few that pushed it over the edge sometimes, enough to even get himself banned from Evo for shit he said on SRK…but I’ll leave that for someone else to explain.


Your avatar works so well with this, it’s ridiculous


Yeah… I cant say I believe that passionately playing videos games is serious enough business to legitimately threaten someones life. That’s called being psychotic, which is indeed serious business. “Serious” isnt binary. There are degrees of seriousness; example: obama care vs nuking two japanese cities -both were taken seriously by the US gov, but if you think that the two are equal in seriousness then…just stop reading. Doesnt matter if you hate that phrase; there are cases when people take things too(emphasis on “too”)seriously, whether its a heat of the moment thing or a deep seeded/rooted problem or whatever. There really is no excuse to allow that kind of behavior. If there was, then his threat would not be taken seriously and he would not be banned. The two most obvious choices to remedy the problem would be to A) get him help or B) ban him. It isnt the EVO staffs responsibility to make sure everyone who needs help gets it, but it is their responsibility to keep other players safe so they banned him.

But like I said. Maybe he’s changed. For all I know he could be a diamond of a person compared to the coal he was the day he was banned. I certainly hope so. After seeing videos and post of how hype people were getting just from thinking he’d make it to evo, it obvious that he was doing something for community. I respect that. We need people who can get a crowd hype. If he comes back, I want to see that part of him. Keep the smack talk. Keep the rivalry. Heck, keep the dickish attitude. But keep it safe. No one needs to get physically hurt just because you (not you you but him you…lol) dont like the way someone presses (your)buttons.

P.S. It’s not that serious

EDIT: @Aku
Fair enough point I suppose. I dont mind healthy rivalries. But it just feels like people sometimes forget that were a community and turn something akin to a college rivalry into a freaking gang war. I get enough of that bs in my neighborhood. I dont want it in the FGC. Keep it safe. Keep it healthy. Keep it fun.