Where is ohnuki now?

I don’t see ohnuki after evo2k6 and the last co-op cup(?) where he lost to nitto and MOV respectively… is that why he left?

people can’t 3rd forever man. Japan is a somewhat expensive place to live.

Why do people at like players drop off the face of the earth when they don’t see them on KSK ranbats anymore? People are still people and they have real lives. It’s not like Nuki can not take a break and then come back and beast again. He’s already proven as one of the best Chuns in Japan and honestly…taking a few months hiatus or just sticking to smaller events won’t put him out of the game by any means.

You actually think that pros quit a game after simply losing?

Besides…KSK ranbat is not the only place in Japan where peepz play 3S. Hayao’s been in a lot of the recent A-Cho matches and there’s a lot of other players who play at different arcades.

And after you realize THAT, you then have to figure how many sightings were non-casual special events that were even worth recording

DID they record the videos?

Are the videos intact? What about hardware failures?

Where are the videos posted?

Were the videos posted? I myself am a bit lazy…

What if Nuki got peaced out early on? 3s is random…

And so on and so forth blah, blah blah, language barrier etc. You wanna make me mad? Tell me MOV’s hands got cut off.

Supposedly Nuki had a 300 game win streak at Vision in December some time last year … :wonder:

Nuki is at my house teaching me Chun Li. He’ll be back when I can break his so-far 1000+ win streak on me.

He’d have to be playing at least 5 hours, assuming every game is 1 minute long.

WTF? :rofl: Seriously?


but it’s not impossible, I was at UC Berkeley when Ricky O. got 108 games straight :sweat:

I did 100 streak took 5 hours XD

In an arcade?

is that to me? yeah, it was the bearcade at UCB

No, wasn’t to you. You made it quite clear in your original post, and its not like I doubt Ricky O’s skill anyway. :wgrin: