Where is RX now?


Topic title.
Curious to know and what is he doing these days.
Can somebody give me details?


He became a family man and spends his day tackling trees in the forest.


In Brazil. And he’s a big time ass-man. Perfect place to be for that to say the least.


well… i saw him at my local Wal-mart i think he was buying a 12 pack to watch college football last night , and he told me to tell you wassup.:sleep:


he’s my bookie




I saw him passing a spliff around at a metal show in LA. he gave me a ride home


Yeah, I got your reference.


usually i would partake in the mirth but RX is still playing 3s and was at SBO last month, also there’s recent footage of him on theshends channel


He died.


Thanks for the info.


licking taint.


RX at Game-Versus on June 29th, 2012, skip to 16min26secs:


He got paid for being in Mike Z’s game with the booby ladies.

aku may need to help the kids understand:

“So what is the Kanji Japanese Symbol Valentine does when you do the Level 2 Counter Super?!!”

[details=Spoiler]RX = Prescription, doctor note to fulfill.
Maybe it might not be known in your country? Or is only an American thing, trying to find out why you didn’t know this & went straight to Kanji. its an American Made game!


Wrong Urien.

…it was Pierre.


I know that one!! Unless it was a sister of pierrot, could be.

Also should show HexSells some of Pierre Urien to not be too discouraged by needing to be a RX ninja flying around, can be a solid urien without everything possible, he plays his own style.

For your sins. :angel: :rock:





WTF-AKUMA-HAX is the best 3s poster