Where is Sakura and Karin?

I was really hoping that there would be a Sakura/Karin vs. Asuka/Lili match on Street Fighter X Tekken. I’m glad that Asuka and Lili are in this game as a playable characters but why won’t Capcom add Sakura and Karin in the roster? I’m starting to hate Capcom! >:(

Does it really matter that much? There’s about 50 other characters to choose from in this game so surely there must be other characters in the roster that would take your fancy, some of the characters that I really wanted didn’t make it in like Dan and Q, hell Dan got shot down quite brutally by Ono actually, but I’m still not mad since there are plenty of other characters to choose from in this game’s gigantic roster.

karin is fray to ono

They’re both at summer school.

So far 38 characters have been confirmed as playable not including the PS3/Vita Exclusive characters. That’s not over 50 characters…yet.


lol Ono tweeted something like that when someone asked him about Sakura and Karin xD

Not to mention, Ono has stated that he doesn’t really care for Sakura…

SFxT is too manly to have Schoolgirls in it, Thats too Anime and weeaboo.

For real though, I only want Sodom, If he is in it I will consider buying this heap.