Where is SF3:3SOE? Why is it no longer downloadable?


I wanted to download 3rd strike on XBL, but when I try to unlock the full game, it gives me an error. I went to xbox.com to find it, but I found out that it doesn’t have a download button anymore.


I would double check it again. It’s possible that with the upcoming 25th Anniversary Collection disc coming out, they’ve decided to not release 3SOE online.


A 25th anniversary disc? I’m going to check again, but what is this new disc?


Yep nothing there, check for yourself http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Street-Fighter-III-Online-Edition/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410b16


uh, i thought the anniversary thing is going to have sf4 and sfxt on discs, and then have downloadable codes or something like that for 3S and hdr. only two of the discs in the collection are for games.

either way, i keep seeing complaints on multiple forums about 3S either being hard to find or absent on the online stores, or giving errors when people try to download the full game from the demo. what’s the deal here?


This is probably the best thing to happen to 3soe so far, to be quite honest

Almost as good as an arcade perfect patch


Oh no


So will it come back or what? sf2 HDR is still in there.


You might get a more worthwhile answer at Capcom unity. We don’t know anymore than you do.


Oh ok, Capcom better fix this BS tho!


Like I said, there ISN’T a damn buy button.


A-Team theme plays
This is the new disc…


there is no disc 3s is going to be a dlc code and you can still buy it at the url above at least for me


the only option is to play 3s on 2df, or even worse, Kaillera.


It’s back people, we’re safe!


You can always get the capcom digital collection. It’s a hard disc copy of 3S as well as a bunch of other games. It’s 40 bucks. If I didn’t already own 3SoE, I’d get that for the sheer fact that it’s a hard copy

Here’s a link. It’s on sale at amazon for 20 bucks.



i had never heard of that so i googled it, and it doesn’t show 3S. is this it?


Oh, you’re right. I guess I was thinking of HDR. Sorry, I guess there is no 3SoE available for hard disk. I could’ve sworn it was available in the digital collection


There is your buy button,and yes* it still is on the dashboard for download.*


It’s a glitch. Capcom doesn’t know why it’s gone either.