Where is the correct venue to Compare 2 fighting games


I posted a thread on “Fighting Game Discussion”

asking which game was better, DOA 5 or VF 5 FS.

The moderator d3v, took it down.

So I wonder, where on this forum is it allowed.
I’m pretty sure, I’ve seen the topic before, but it was for pre DOA 5.

I mean, I like shoryuken, there’s no place like it.
You’re no gonna get the same level of, shall I say, expertise, elsewhere.

d3v closed the thread with the statement, “Us making up your mind for you is not allowed.”

I wasn’t asking people to decide for me,
I wasn’t asking people, what I should spend my money on.

I was just wondering which game was the better game.

Is that out of line or unheard of ?

This is after all, a video game forum.