Where is the EVO 2K11 "What is Hype?" Video?

This video was shown I believe before top 8 of SSFIV: AE, and unfortunately the version they had on the ps3 was corrupted :frowning:

Anyone know where to find said video? While I’m at it, anyone know where to find all those hype intro videos they had for all the other games?

Yeah, I was wondering when/where it will be uploaded. I really want to see the full video.

It looked good, and I was surprised that it was all video taken from just a few days ago. It’s just too bad that no one got to see all of it :(… Yet.

Sweet!!! Also, nice pics from the tourney!

Thanks, glad you like them, still have Day 3 to finish! I better start getting cracking!

Great video and great production values. Really gives you a sense of what EVO is all about. Big thanks to everyone that worked on all the EVO videos.

That video was awesome, evenmoreso when you factor in how soon it was produced.