Where is the thread?

I’m not gonna ask how to do the Strider/Doom Trap. Last thing i need is someone thinking that i’m trying to spam this board or some other dumb shit. I simply want to know where the thread is so that i can find out how to do the trap.

Any help would be great! Thanks! :clap:

Cant help for the thread

Sorry i cant help about the thread but i think the trap goes sumthing like dis and im not completely sure so please no burning me…

activate orbs [dissappear with either lp or HP to get next and above ur opponent] keep pressing lp, lp, lp, etc. till the meter has about 10% left then call doom throw 2 cats activate orbs repeat

thats the best i can do

There are many ways of trapping, what he posted was one of them, if the opponent is smart they would just out of the 2nd panther. Try a panther then a birdxxorbs. The bomb (back, charge, forward+kick) works too, just know where to place the bomb. Teleporting and doing the magic series kills enough time to activate another set of orbs. Just keep in mind the opponent has to be out of blockstun for you to activate another set of orbs.

yea go wit wat this guy said his is better then mine lol im not that great wit strider/doom

I might be late on this, but I use TigerXXOrbs, teleport close, mash lp, wait until orbs almost done, call doom, teleport to the other side, hit LP, LP(pushes them into doom AAA), Tiger, activate orbs again, repeat.

watch KillerKai vids or Clockw0rk

they are beastly but ima beat them one of these days with Tron bonne :wink:


What you can do is go to training mode and put the comp on auto-block. Attack once (to make it block), then start trapping. If you’re doing it properly, the computer should not come out of blockstun at all. Any time the comp comes out of blockstun (and gets hit) is an opportunity for the opponent to jump out or call assist in a real match.

It’s possible to properly ‘trap’ your opponent without total lockdown, but you have to take into account your opponent jumping away or dealing with their assist. This, along with dealing with pushblocking, alpha counters, and juggled opponents are what dictate how well a Strider player can control his ouro. Along with some other stuff… ;p

Also iirc, after awhile the autoblock won’t block low attacks after awhile, so you’ll have to practice it without using lows… though they’re not necessary in the first place if you just want to practice your lockdown.


Dope av. Too bad america ain’t gonna see that game. :sad:

i usually set my dummy to all block because i can already tell whether or not the opponent can escape through a small hole or what not. i just get annoyed when the auto block dummy gets hit and forces me to hit him again just so i can practice trapping again. especially when i know he wasn’t going to get out anyway.

from there, i’d practice the patterns you use on the dummy on real people and see how they work to filter out what’s useless.