Where is the TVC matcup list


Does anyone on this forum know the link to the TVC matchup list. If so can you please post a link in this thread.



The game has been out for barely two weeks and you think we have a match-up list compiled? How about the tier list, do you want that as well?


For when begin to make a version 1.1 of the chart?


I guess, but technically the game has been out waaay longer than two weeks.


This is a new game. The balance tweaks are not trivial, there’s been a significant shift from CGoH. Give it time, and until then just pick some characters and learn their shit.


Im not in a rush i was just saying becausenI heard many people have been playing the japanese version a year before TVC’S american release and thought it was a matchup list already out.


Two different games man.


Much different. CGoH has MANY differences to the now current UAS version. Like was said, balance tweaks are not trivial. The engine is very different than what it once was. The Japanese version of yesteryear that you speak is is basically the same as comparing Guilty Gear 1 to Guilty Gear XX AC. The changes are quite major in affecting the game that you can basically say it is a new game in general. So if you must ask, I say to wait until UAS has been out for a longer period of time before asking again, because we are all still trying to figure out the new characters, and the old characters with the new mechanics.