Where is this guy from?

Where is amingo from? a comic? a game? anyone know?

made directly for the game. many speculate that he was meant for another game but never came out so none will evr know.

errr he’s from a dancing game with meracas those spanish things so yea he has his own dancing game.

He’s from the dancing game called Samba De Amigo that is actuall quite fun.:smiley: Ruby Heart I believe is the only one that doesn’t have a home.

well I checked for Samba de amigo on Gamefaqs and according to them it was made by sonic team, not capcom. and none of the FAQ’s or reviews mention Amingo even in passing.

Not trying to make you look foolish, but do you have maybe a pic of Amingo from this game? I myself have wondered long about Cactus mans origins.

Me I alwasy assumed that he was a rejected darkstalker character. The noises he makes sound so darkstalerish.

From all that I have read, Amingo was specifically made for MvC2. Samba de Amigo showcases a character named Amigo, not Amingo. Amigo is a dancing monkey who also wears a sombrero.