Where is this Official Capcom sketchwork from? (Ibuki included)

He uploaded that on 2004 so its not the SF20 artbook. Ive never seen this sketch before. There also some he has of Ryu and Oro.

That page is most likely from All About Street Fighter 3 The Characters. The sketches can be found in at least one other book: the SF3 Fanbook Gamest mook.

ah ok, is there only 1 page each for each character. just wondering if im missing out on much

also vas http://cgi.ebay.com/Street-Fighter-Art-Comic-Anthology-Book-iv-4-ps3-Japan_W0QQitemZ160340894298QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item25550fe25a have you seen this?

im interested in the capcom vs snk one because kinu did such a great job im wondering if any of her other drawings werent showcased.

There should be at least 4 pages per character if I remember right.

Indeed I have seen that book, I own it as well. Last I heard Udon has plans to release a translated edition of it, but dunno exactly when.

Hey was there anything incredible or A rated in the Capcom vs SNK one?

4 pages each character well I think I can live without that one for now.

Dunno what you mean by the Capcom vs SNK one. Is that another book?

In the link theres two books up for auction, the SF2 art book and the CvS artbook which I think you said you had? They way I meant to word the question was, is there any phenomenal pieces in that artbook?

Two books? In that single Ebay link you posted? Sorry man, but I only see one book for that link, The SF comic anthology which Udon allegedly has plans to release, that’s the one I have. I honestly dunno which other one you mean.:sweat:

oh shiitttt. my bad. thats a popular one. when i mentioned the rarer artbooks this is the link i meant.


Okay, that CvS book’s a character guide, not really art-intensive, but considerable character perspective from a retro-standpoint. I have it also.

That piece there is in my old Street Fighter 3 strategy guide that I got back in 97.