Where Omar Dogan at?!

I’ve noticed that Omar hasn’t worked on the recent SF issues :frowning:

I really dig his work and, although i don’t think he’s better or worse than Alvin, I prefer Omar’s stuff… I was very impressed by his style and his hard work at NYCC… I really hope his work appears in more SF stuff…

he’s probably working on some other stuff for UDON… hey E-dog… any word on when we’ll see him in upcoming books?

Omar did a series of Robotech after his last SF pages. We are now in development of something SF related that Omar will be on the helm… more to come…

Since we’re on the topic of artist, where is Arnold Tsang? We haven’t seen his work on the SF book since issue 1.

Arnold Tsang has left comics and is now current working at Webzen in Korea.

o noes. T_T:wtf:

for reals? dang…i always went to tsang first for sketches at the con

Oh, I see. He is a really talented artist and it’s too bad he had to leave you guys, but it is good for him to try new opportunities that come his way. I’m sure you all keep in touch.