Where should Athena be placed?



I currently play a team of K/P Groove Athena, Mai and Cammy (Have the option of adding Yuri, Ken or Iori but this is my main team) and am curious what would be the best spot to stick her?


K/P is Athena is TRASH. I tried playing K-Athena awhile back. She loses imo to Vega really badly without RC. The reason why she’s Mid in A and N is because A has RC, and she has a REALLY good CC. N she gets meter fast and you can abuse level 1 super if need be. By playing K/P you lose the chance of using level 1 SCB, and doing a TON of damage. I’d play Mai, Ken, Cammy, but if you really want to play Athena, I’d place her in the front.

And if you really want to play Athena in K, just use alot of jab fbs, run behind it or just wait for them to jump at you and AA with st.strong. There’s really nothing else she can do.


Hmm, I think it depends on what groove you are in, and this is what I know…I like Agroove Athena, and Ive also seen SGroove Athena (That flashing super can take off a lot and be frustrating as hell…) But in either groove, I always think she does better first, because she can build up meter quickly, and can spam on those S Groove Shining Bit Supers…I think A Groove Athena is underrated, especially if you have full meter at the corner, cuz you have the option of grabbing them, then CCing, or Uppercutting and then CCing…So that is pretty good…And a short Phoenix Arrow once in awhile is not bad, just use them correctly…


Yea I would really like to learn how to play her in K. She does seem to be better in RC grooves, from what I’ve seen but I don’t find those grooves as fun to play now. We shall see.


Your team would be really good in N imo.


I would love to pick up N groove…just not until I can RC decently…but yea…K groove Athena is kind of hard to use…had more (a lot) success using Yuri instead of her.


N groove Athena is better. She can be played as a rushdown character, but I think she’s better using s.s. I tried the S groove Athena before, but it sort of restricts her, and that’s bad, because her teleport isn’t good for shit. An Athena player should be imo, should be as mobile as possible.