Where the FAWK is AE2012PC


What the 1,000 deaths is going on.

Said to come out 28.02… And yes, it’s retarded.

Tomorrow PC 2012.
…still some time left to GET HYPE!

3 Months late.

I thought they were submitting it tomorrow for “approval”?

Want to know what’s funny? Apparently most of the PC team is working on SFxT PC version and that is why patch will be 2 months late. Then I checked the release date of SFxT for PC… it’s 2 month late.


"what’s another couple days?" FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

its ame that steam has to wait. I mean yeah it has to work well with steam but wtf?

Oh boy, they sure know how to please the PC crowd.

Capcom confirmed for doing this only because they felt like trolling.

I definitely won’t be buying another crapcom game on PC that’s for sure.

Also, does this mean I won’t be able to play online with my Steam-Friends at all until Thursday?

I don’t know did they give people the option to play vanilla AE or 2012 on console like they did between Super and AE?
If so I’d imagine it would work in a similar way and you’d be able to play against steam users if you set yourself to vanilla AE.


I have the steam version, if run the game from the folder and don’t open steam, I will get the update ?

The Steam version of the game might have a different file-structure from the non-steam version of the game which might be an issue with the patching and DLC being delayed. This is something that I believe affected the Witcher 2 as well where the first patch had you re-download the whole game (9GB I think). Not sure if this was changed for later patches but yeah, something like that.

What time is the patch going live? anyone know?

Also for Steam users:

If you really want to play the game, you can download a copy of AE PC Retail version and use your CD Key from Steam to play it until Thursday.

Updated just now!! :wink:

Yup that’s my opinion 100% (unless its like super cheap steam deal)
This complete neglect for AE 2012 update is Crapcom shooting them self’s in the foot.