Where the fcuk am i goin to sleep in ohio?

as you are already aware of, i have booked a room just now at the red roof inn at SB3 with 2 full beds and a 24" television for entertainment aka MAHVEL.

now i have talked to some of you and some of you are goin with your friends, all good, just let me know who is stayin in my room so i know a head count cause 30 motherfuckas in a room is hotter than tejas weather ya digg?

general info:

Staying Friday Oct. 17 night thru Sunday Oct. 19 night.
Checking out, which im doing on Monday Oct. 20.

^^ Note: when i check out all you ppl gotta get up and go cause i think check out is before noon me thinks.

Imma make a list so if you wanna place to sleep holla at me

  1. ME
  2. Cordarrah
  3. Jake
  4. Shizuma aka Burgers
  5. Joey Houston
  6. JD

Payment will be received promptly. Also if someone that is not on the list sleeps in my room, imma either kick em out yea im cold like that, or pay double. If we looking at 10 guys in a room, its only $20 for the whole weekend! CHEAP!! Thats one MM you gotta win to pay off your zzzZZzz!

ahh sweet i talked to fonzo about this count me in toan.

Hey I want in
I wanna play marvel :lovin:

Real Talk…hit me up if anybody has questions … 361-461-3396 … halla at j0 Boy …

bump guys

only a month away! theres no more rooms at SB3

bump only ~3 weeks away.

Hope ya’ll ready! I brought my ticket and practice is going great nicca’s!

Tickets are cheap right now on priceline.com

its only $244 round trip nonstop

I got mine for $195 round trip!

cause you flying from NO, locations are different.

edit: its actually cheaper if you fly from houston which is $234, from dallas its a little more. guess i gotta work super hard on my mm’s.

Hey Toan,it’s Luiz’s friend Edgar =P lol. Well,I’m definately up to that man. Count me in! xD I am buying my plane tickets Friday! I gotta get paid first though but it’s a sure thing! =D SO count me in. =D


bump… sux i cany make it…god damn 5/0

Hey man bump me off. I gotta cancel my plane tickets and shit. Can’t get off of work. =[ FUck health inspecters and their rules. Well,yeah sorry ma. Bump

Damn I can’t make it either. =[.

Fucking Brownsville doesn’t want us to leave lol

yeah same here sorry toan being broke sucks :shake:

ok looks like noone is going anymore, imma cancel my room. jake cordarrah and joey you guys will stay with me in johnny’s room. total there should be like 9 guys. sorry to everyone else, find your rooms now.