Where the Fluck are Daily Challenges?!?!?!?

What about Daily Challenges? I didn’t see anything on Daily Challenges, which is suppose to be our main way of making FM after the initial Story/Survival FM. The only thing I saw added that says it gives FM is Trials, and I’m positive that’ll only be the first time you do them, just like Story/Survival. Didn’t they say Daily Challenges would be here with the March update?

We didn’t know how much FM we’d be getting from Daily Challenges, just that they’d give FM, and on a Daily Basis, and it was the main thing they talked about to keep people playing the game on a regular basis. How is this not getting here by this update? It should have been here day one, but there’s no way Daily Challenges can not be added when the store comes with Alex and all those costumes and all the future Characters/Costumes/Stages/Titles/etc that’ll start pouring in. We’ll never be able to earn any significant FM off of Casual/Ranked 50FM per win matches to keep up.

It’s gonna be quite obvious to everyone 'n their mother that Capcom is intentionally screwing us here if Daily Challenges doesn’t come with this update and they try to hold it off for some future update. It’s really starting to p*ss me off now. I already don’t even want to do the rest of the Normal Survivals, let alone Hard/Hell. Even if I were to do it all, it’d take no time to run out of that FM and then be on an unattainable grind through Online 50FM matches to get any type of FM attainable DLC.

PLEASE tell me you just forgot to mention that Daily Challenges are coming in this patch Capcom. Please. We’ve eaten enough sh*t already, I’m begging you, don’t let this update come without Daily Challenges.

Anyone that preordered or bought this game for anywhere near $60 already got bent over the sink once by Capcom so far. If they honest to god do NOT release Daily Challenges with this next update, then it’s just another FCK YOU to us loyal consumers. With all the bad press so far and affected sales, you’d think they’d be doing everything in their power to make up for how they shtted on us with this horrific launch state & content. Instead, they just continue with the anti-consumerism, it’s baffling that they can just keep doing this to us.

Any interviewer that had the foresight to ask the question about how we’re to realistically keep up with enough FM to continue to have enough to unlock characters as they arrive, not even all content, but just atleast each new character - has asked what is the main way to earn FM after the initial Story/Survival Modes. The answer was always Daily Challenges, and they’d go into detail about it and how it’s the main way they had setup for us to stay in the game on a daily basis, so we don’t miss all those opportunities at FM. They also said anyone that did them all each day would definitely have enough on time for each new character.

This is criminal now, and well beyond obvious that they don’t plan to even give us the opportunity to try and keep up with any type of content purchases primarily through FM. It was already gonna be impossible to get all FM attainable content immediately through FM alone. Plus, they already have Zenny-only content, which makes it more of an @sshole move to do this. They’re just a bunch of money hungry jack@sses at this point if Daily Challenges is not here by this March update. There’s no other way around it, no excuse will make sense, it was a main priority from day 1, let alone having the Store and first huge wave of FM attainable content coming now without it.

People wonder how such a huge company with Godly Franchises let them all go to sh*t, and also had talks of Bankruptcy and being bought swirling around them. It’s no mystery, they’re the type of company to change the genre of a hugely successful franchise(RE) from Survival Horror to Action Shooter because they see COD sales so high, though RE in no way has anything to do with COD. Then they wonder why sales aren’t going well, like, wtf, it’s RE though, I don’t get it? Bunch of greedy dirtbag, money grubbing morons.

So basically, it’s all a lie, wanting to keep us engaged and playing and learning and keeping the playerbase healthy, 'n blah blah blah said in every d@mn interview. They just want you to pay a full $60 for a $10-worth tops early release broken beta and $30 for a Season Pass for god only knows what the quality will be of any future content, or when the real issues they’ve refused to even acknowledge will be mentioned(one of the hugest being the rollback issues explained in detail by Mike Z(dude from Skullgirls that created the legacy driver Cr@pcom used)-here), and to continue paying for $$$Zenny$$$ to purchase BS content that is FM attainable only in theory. If no Daily Challenges arrive with this update, go F*CK yourself Cr@PCOM!

I’d be worried with the fact there was no mention of adding something to stop all the rage quits. Shit needs to be in last month.

They mentioned it, right now they’re going off the videos we put up and that coupled with 80-90% disconnect rate and high winstreaks is the temp fix. They mentioned already they’re working on a permanent fix.

The bigger issue IMO is one of the things that causes some rage quitting, the netcode. The link I put in the first post with Mike Z talking about it is a real huge issue they haven’t said anything about yet. It’s game breaking really. Here

I don’t recall there being any guarantee that daily challenges HAD to be in the March update so I’m not sure why you are getting so bent out of shape about it.

Daily challenges aren’t mentioned in the road map as far as I remember.

Oh, why am I getting bent out of shape? Maybe because it’s the main way to earn FM. Story/Survival is a one time thing, and it’s a crazy grind starting at Normal. Even if you do it all, you’re gonna run out before getting everything after the 1st month or 2. How is it ok to not have it here by time the store launches? It’s the main way to get FM they’ve mentioned over and over that is to keep people engaged in the game on a daily basis and earning FM. It’s obvious they are going out their way to force us to spend $$$ on Zenny for everything if it comes out months after the store launches. It’s not something that takes any time, they aren’t adding more content for it, it just gives the objectives and gives FM for completing the objectives.

Daily challenge? Are you good enough to beat Arturo’s Dhalsim? Sounds like a daily to me.

So because Capcom isn’t catering to some imaginary schedule in your head, they are screwing up?

It’s easier just to call you stupid at this point.

Isn’t there currently over 1 million in fight money that’s grindable? Do we need more than that now?

Not that realistic unless you cheat, since a ton of that is locked behind hell and hard survival.

Yeah, because everyone having trouble with Normal is gonna be able to get through Hard/Hell with out much issues. It’s clear that Hard/Hell Survival is not even gonna be doable for alot of people. I’ve done a few Normals, and have yet to even attempt Hard/Hell, at first mainly because server issues and I didn’t want to lose progress. Now though, after doing a few Normals, I see it’s set up pretty dirty, the so-called random boosts are not so random. I notice usually when the double-down is one to boost the power of the opponent it’s usually a very powerful opponent like Biride, or when you are low on life in later stages, it usually gives you the smaller health boosts. The fact you get nothing unless you completely pass it is just stupid.

It should just be 1 endless survival mode, where the first time you pass a stage with a character you get the EXP/LVL/FM, and the first time you pass the certain stage you need for a color you get that color. Even though colors shouldn’t unlock like that at all, or need to be done again for new costumes. The difficulty should move up a bit smoother also, it seems it spikes too hard. Either way, 50 and 100 match Survivals are way too grindy, and start off way too boring with the zombie AI before the crazy spike. Then having no reliable boosts, it being ‘random’ is just completely retarded for having to do so many stages back to back.

There’s no way the store should be arriving without Daily Targets already in place. It’s a bad move by Capcom. They already have content that is gonna be Zenny-only, they need to stop with the greedy mentality. They already got $60 out of us for something worth less than half that at its launch. They are just up to the usual anti-consumerism they’ve been doing for years now that’s been rotting them from the inside out.

To be fair Capcom in multiple interviews stated you’d be able to do dailies to easily earn 100k FM every two months so anyone playing regularly shouldn’t have an issue getting characters as they release. To earn 100k FM requires winning 2000 matches (minus level ups) which isn’t impossible is a lot of online grinding and they said that wouldn’t be necessary because of daily challenges.

It is another example of Capcom making promises and dropping the ball.

Whatever do you mean? I found it to be quite realistic.

I could say the same about you. Expecting an update in March that was never promised to be in March and getting salty because it’s not going to be there…

Is there a real possibility that daily challenges aren’t part of the current roadmap, meaning we won’t have them until October or later? I mean if they announced it but didn’t stick it on the roadmap anywhere, maybe it’s way off in the distance.

Targets and Extra Battle challenges will be available soon after launch, with Battle Tips and Trials coming in March.

By soon after launch they meant sometime (a specific monthly patch) after March. Expect it by April or May basically. They already made an official statement, but nobody read.

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