Where the hell is EVO goin be?


i want to know just where is EVO goin be i saw the EVO dvd and i was amaze on how people can be so fast and i just want to go and see it for myself. and if daigo is goin be there that would be the crazyest shit ever.


Witness the double irrelavent post!


I think its gonna happen at Cal Poly again.

Lol I just hope I can make it… Gotta plan ahead! :smiley:


sry bout the 2x thread. thanx on the info for EVO its goin to be bad ass


i was wondering where do u get those pics on top of your screen names?


Go to forums>control panel>change avatar.

I’d go to Image Mishmash area and request one though; that’s how I got mine. :smiley:


hopefully its goin be at cal poly then i can go see this crazy event with my own eyes


At 2k3, during the KO - Daigo fianls, people were shitting bricks left and right. I couldn’t here the person standing right next to me because the cheers were so damn loud.

This years will be bigger no doubt.


that match was crazy and it was a close one i thought daigo was goin win but i guessed wrong. this year its goin to be the shit.

hopefully daigo is goin be there


He is a funny man, that Daigo is.

I was playing hacky sack and he came by a table near the rally and sat down. The determination on his face was awesome. I was waiting for him to do a damn shoryuken or something. :lol:

Then there’s Ricky Ortiz. He was getting clowned left and right, but my god he beasted the shit out of almost everybody. His Storm is no joke.


u met daigo. i bet he brags about him winning at those tournaments and how he keeps beating people and i bet hes a funny guy too.


Naw, I didn’t meet him. But i had several VERY good chances to. I was gonna ask him to sign my Adidas jacket (I’m such an idiot). But naw, I figured I would let him concentrate or whatever the hell he was doing.

All the guys there from japan were really cool. There was this aura about them. I’d describe it as optimism with a dash of curiosity. Except for Ohnuki, he’s a pervert. :lol: :lol:

Edit: I can’t help but feel that we’re spamming pretty hard here. :bluu: