"Where there is Smoke, There's FIRE!" Smoke genereal strategy and video comments



hey there fighting fans. i want to hear yoru strategies with smoek and see some video of yoru skills with him. keep comments tasteful and constructive :3


About Half Screen, combos into the corner:
j.LP, LK, Down LP, HP, Uppercut, LK, Down LP, HP, j.HK, Air Throw, Cloud, j.HK, Air Throw, cr.LK, Cloud.

Not a combo worth using, but in the corner:

You can also carry them into the corner with LK, HP, dash, LK, HP. Or LK, Down LP, HP, dash, LK, Down LP, HP.


so you can land smoke bomb after an air throw?



10 bucks Smokes gonna be nerfed first xD


come on guys i’d love to see some video demonstrations or some matches here. show our boy some props. :3


YouTube - Smoke Combos in Mortal Kombat 9 for PS3 and XBOX - Includes CEOyaysian’s Throw OTG


silly me. and ive been trying to land smoke bombs after a launcher juggle


Damn, I spent quite a bit of time learning a Smoke Bomb set up off a juggle. Now I know I can just OTG off an air throw. Goooood shit.


turns out its still really hard to do. you have to hit the opponenet when they are still bouncing on the ground and before they start to wake up. just as hard as juggling from the launcher IMO


Does smoke bomb after airthrow work on a human if they hold block? I know it works on the training dummy.

If it does work ex bomb should be easier to hit since it has bigger hitbox.


if the combo counter never stops, it should work on a human

just my guess.


Damn you’re right. It looks easy in the vids, haha. Well, going to keep praticing.


yeah, that dude in the vid has robot hands or something.

ive had the most consistency with this combo

fk, d+fp, bpxxxdash, fk, d+fp, bpxxxdash, smoke bomb, jump kickxxxxairthrow.

dashing before throwing the smoke bomb helps with the timing


You’ve done it wrong. You set block to the wrong setting. ALWAYS will block the smoke bomb. AUTO will not block the smoke bomb.

These Smoke combos are damn sexy. I can’t help but main this guy.


The reason I ask is cause I’ve read that the otg smoke bomb works in practice room only and in a real match vs a real opponent they are able to block it.

Anyways, Smoke seems cool. Will try him out for a few days to see if he gels.

And for those that haven’t seen it yet this guide from TYM.com is a pretty good starting point for Smoke.


Smokes alternate costume is available in the crypt: Bloodmarsh B82 for those that don’t know.


On an unrelated note, does Smoke have a hard time with anyone?

I’ve been looking to get into him because it seems like he counters against my main’s bad matchups and just seems fun in general.


smoke seems like he is limited up close.

his big damage comes from standing 3 into launcher, but it comes out really slow. so i would imagine that a character that is quicker and more damaging in close range battles would be a problem. smokes 1,1,2 is fast enough, but thats all you get. it dosent launch or lead to more garaunteed dmg

at least standing 3 has good range

the mk strat guide says smoke would have a hard time against raiden. take that for what its worth


Yeah smoke close normals are a little slow compared to some others but he does have some good tools. He has a fast overhead b+2, that can be cancelled into smoke bomb for full combo and one of the fastest sweeps in the game.

Also his ex shake is a pretty decent get off me move and a good AA for crossups. Ex teleport is pretty good get out of jail move too. He’s got potential to be real good I think.


I can’t beat Smoke in a ranged turtle fight. He can projectile counter on reaction and I swear that teleport punch is got to be up there for the fastest ones since I feel it even beats jumps. So far, I just try to close in by snail walking to him, blocking each step to avoid getting teleport punched.

I’m reading here that his close normals are slow, so I’m guessing that my goal is to get in his face instead of trying to beat him in a ranged game : p