Where To Apply Grease on JLF

My sticks making a squeaking sound when I press down. Thought some grease could fix it. But I’m not sure where to apply it.

u know where the spring is located with the micro switches? just grease it all around in there

uhhh, I think the grease is only supposed to go on the white pivot part.

The white pivot area you can also clean it off a bit if there is any black stuff.

LOL i may be wrong then but i greased everything in my joystick and it seems to be working perfectly.

lol naw dude just the white pivot part. hahahaha

You just lubricate the white Bearing man.

To get access to it, would have to remove the Shaft first.
Then just put grease where the Bearing sits.

I say Bearing, others say Pivot.
I just want to confuse people.