Where to be in aus? xbox360/pc question


Hey everyone, I’m new to the forums, but I’ve been researching through this forum about making a custom fight stick but I’m stuck on a few points. I hope you guys can help em clear up these questions:

1.which store should i buy form ( i live in australia), i have checked the forums, however the australian links given do not have the sanwa or seimitsu buttons i want and only have the sanwa JLF(i want this) and happ buttons(might be forced to get these, prefer sanwa buttons)(cost and shipping is also a factor to be considered)

  1. this fightstick will be used with a xbox360 and a pc, when the pc version of sf4 comes out. because of this I have chosen to use a xbox360 controller pcb. Does anyone know where tog et a madcatz one in australia? on ebay the microsfot ones sell for around 50 dollars including shipping, if i cannot find a cheaper one i will buy this one

  2. on the late version of the wired xbox360 controller do we daisy chain the grounds on the joystick and buttons and solder this to the 2 commons? how is this ground bit specifically done? in diagrams i see a “common” and “ground” is it ok if i daisy chain the ground wire onto the 2 “common” things on the pcb?(incase u didnt get what i typed i sort of mean like do we have to use the grounds? and commons? or just one of them? thanks)

  3. also lastly, what do i connect to the 5v? is that the power form the joystick? do the buttons need power?

5. umm how do u affix the laminated artwork + the acrylic on top of the wood wihtout the edges of the wood showing? is it just the buttons holding it in? ive also seen these metal “screws” that arent screwed in but look a lot better than normal screws, what are these? where can i get them?

thanks guys, sorry for the long questions but im trying to describe the problem in more details o i can get more feedback

thanks in advance


I can help you with question 1.

I am stocking sanwa and seimitsu products in Australia. I am supplying a number good number of Xbox 360/PS3 stick makers with Sanwa and Seimitsu parts.



thanks,can anyone help on the other questions?