Where to begin with the Darkstalkers genre?


Can someone give a nice little breakdown of the best games in the Series?

I’m starting to check out the obscure games like Darkstalkers (Obscure for Capcom) and Melty Blood, Arcana Heart. All that weird shit thats not mainstream.

Feel free to toss in some info about MB and AH too.



Ask in that thread. Those guys still play Darkstalkers online.

AH is… Kinda hard to play unless you have the arcade version nearby. Since the PS2 port of AH2 was so crappy. And AH3 has no port at all even announced so far.


For MB you have 2 options. Import Actress Again (the newest version) or get the PC version of Act Cadenza (one back, but it has netplay and some people still play it).

But AA changed a lot of stuff. In addition to the 5ish new characters, every character now has 3 “moon phases”, or basically fighting styles. Each one comes with different meter properties and stuff so AA is pretty different from AC.


You can play Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3) on GGPO or 2DF for free. The 1st Savior is the only one worth playing IMO. It’s the most played version. Lei-Lei is my favorite.


MBAC can be played online via your PC as stated. If you’ve never played a Melty Blood game before this is a start. While MBAA did make quite a lot of changed you can still get the basics from AC.


Arcana Hearts i don’t play or know about. Sorry.

PS: You sure do like to make a lot of threads. =)


Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter is the best game of the series in my opinion, but Vampire Savior is the most popular. VS was the beginning of the hyper-fast ‘mashfest’ style of fighting game that Capcom was known for in the late '90s. VH is slower in pace and has more of an emphasis on footsies and fundamentals. It’s the middle ground between SF2 and Alpha. For my money, it was Capcom’s finest hour.


Play Vampire Savior and call it a day. By far one of the best fighting games I’ve ever played.


Tweleve, you can’t play Vampire Savior… Go back to 3S <3


if you’re getting into AH, you’re better off getting AH1 since AH2 port is lolshit. The scene’s pretty divided overall (I mean players’s locations and whatnot.) I just know most in the AH thread are in places like Chicago/New York/Florida/Texas/possibly canada. If you want to at least try it out, get AH1. Don’t even need to import now since it was released here. at least you’ll get the basics down.

for Darkstalkers, stick with Vampire Savoir and Vampire hunter. My only gripe is how there isn’t 1 game up to date (arcadewise.) with ALL the cast. Everyone else pretty much answered the MB bit.


gotta thank the posters for the advice aswell, as im also wondering which darkstalkers game to get into, only played vampire saviour which is great but not too many people play it on ggpo also the vampire hunter room as far as iv seen on ggpo is almost always empty :frowning: shame as if its more of a footsies game, that interests me more


Oh shit, sup Tofa. It’s TheTempestSonata from GGPO ST. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can play both Vampire Hunter and Vampire Savior in 2DF or GGPO. GGPO runs both games better at least thats the way I see it. Hunter scene is much more niche then savior as I rarely get a match in hunter if at all cause the room is dead most of the time. The best thing to do if you want to play both is to get players contact info for instant messenger clients or go to the rooms and tell people that you want to play hunter.


Yea I checked them both out on GGPO… They felt too different for my tastes. My plate is full with every other Capcom game to give it a solid chance right now. Oh well. Thanks for the replies.


if you want some VS matches, let me know. as at some point, I want to work on my Q-bee game and I have a few other people I know that would probably love to play a few on GGPO.


if you wanna do something not mainstream i would go with samurai showdown. as far as dark stalkers goes, if you have a ps3 you can download it on the net work. ill play with you :nunchuck:


I’m just too focused on SF4, SF3, Hdr, cvs2… the list doesn’t end.