Where to buy .187" QDs?

since lizardlick is currently preoccupied with his overwhelming amount of orders, i was wondering if anyone knew of a reputable source to buy some .187" quick disconnects?

was looking to purchase 50 or so… i dont want to run out again for a while


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radioshack. what turkish soccer team do you support?


advance auto parts and ebay

home depot

fry’s as well, i got a 16 pack for >$3

Just a question… I’m building my first stick, and am waiting for my order from lizardlick to process. Will my Sanwa buttons come with the .187 disconnects, or will I need to buy them from radioshack or something?

I hate buying them at radio shack. They sell them in assorted bags of .187 and .250 in quantities of 14 or something, for $3.

I just went to Fry’s electronics and bough a 100 pack for $10. Definitely look up an electronics supply store in your local phone book.

buttons don’t come with the qd’s… lizardlick has a page to order qd’s from

for sanwa you need .110"

happ/IL you need .187"

keep in mind you need 2 qd’s per each button if you are doing sanwas, so for a 9 button setup (6 face buttons, start, select, and home button) you will need a minimum of 18 qd’s… might want to order more in case you mess up at all (i went through about 25 on my first stick assembly)

This is just me but I prefer .187 for Sanwa/Seimitsu. Slide on easier and I’m less likely to bend the button blades.