Where to buy 6" USB-A to USB-B?


Not sure if 6" is even the proper length, but where do you all get your USBs to wire a ChimpSMD to a USB passthrough?

That’s the situation I’m at right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I used the 1.5ft usb cable from monoprice.com. 85 cents plus s&h.


local computer stores? radio shack but i’d check amazon. in fact…


i got one of those retractable ones… just in case


I second monoprice.com.


Monoprice is a great place for wires of all lengths, but I don’t think they come that short.
I just use a short cable, cut it to the length that I want (starting from the “B” end), and I solder in the “A” end (I bought a bunch of USB-A plugs on eBay).


i use retractable printer cables. you can get them from ebay


Unless you enjoy spending $15 for a cable, I highly advise against this.


ebay is one place.