Where to buy a Official Street Fighter™ IV Round 2 FightStick in Canada

First off sorry if this is the wrong forum I’m new to the site.
I’m looking to buy a Street Fighter? IV Round 2 FightStick but I live in Canada and can’t find a store that sells one and I can’t find one online for under $200 I looked at the thread "BEST DEALS Online For SUPER SF4 (US/CA/UK/AU/Asia) & Mad Catz FightStick TE’s " but none of those sites that deliver to Canada have them in stock so I’m wondering if anybody knows where I can buy one for a good price? And if I can’t find a Round 2 FightStick what’s the difference between the Round 1 and Round 2?

Round 1 and 2 are only different aesthetically. Same parts, different look. http://shoryuken.com/f177/te-differences-233795/#post8795166

I don’t know good way to get in Canada. We even had guy smuggle them across the border to mail to SRKers. But he has school now. So he can’t make trips like that.

Do you know if GameShark.com ships to Canada?

They don’t. :sad:

If you’re close to the border, what that one guy did was order from them and have it shipped here: Home Point Roberts Package Receiving US address for Canadians

Pick it up, then bring it back.

There are probably other services like this all across the northern parts of the US (but don’t take my word on that)

Could try eBay.

See if AIAB does. Better stick anyways (Sorry Mark! <3 )