Where to buy an arcade in Olympia area

Anyone here knows where you can get arcades for cheap…In looking for Street Fighter Hyper Fighting or SSFII Turbo or Mame cabinet setup…If someone can point me to the right direction that would be great…

Ask Preppy! He is a genius.

Mountain Coin / MusicVend is the chief local supplier. I bought both of mine from there.

You may be able to buy used machines from eBay or maybe local classifieds and etc if you get really lucky. Or failing arcades. Also, people like SpaceAge Amusements and other local area vendors (the guys who service the rentals at your bowling alleys - look on the machines for their contact information) may be willing to sell you machines.

How much did you pay for your two machines? I’ve been looking for a dedicated SF2 cab, but haven’t had much luck.

I bought my 25" ST cab ten years ago for $800 (with XvSF in it, which means it was just a $50 board swap to get ST).

I bought my 39" Dynamo Showcase cab four years ago for $3300 or so.

You could probably get cheaper 25" cabs. Getting a Showcase cab will be more hit and miss.

If I had to buy a new cab, I’d probably get a 25" cab with an extended/wide controls area so that people have a little more room.

The Tilt in The Commons were selling there cabs.

Hahah, why has nobody made a joke about buying arcades yet? :shake:

$800 isn’t bad at all, if I found one for sale at that price, I’d get it in a second

I want the dedicated cabinet more as a collectors item than anything else.
I already have a 25" with a nice big control panel, it was an awesome score on craigslist, I got it for $600 with a mvc2 board inside.

to the topic creator: check craigslist. I remember seeing a nice machine in Olympia no more than a week ago, it might still be up if you’re lucky :smiley: