Where to buy arcade parts in Tokyo?

My friend will be in Tokyo in 2 weeks. Does anyone that lives there know where or who I can send him to to buy me parts? Language is not a problem. Even a local contact would be good. Acutally, he lives in Japan but not in a major city centre so even a domestic retailer would be ok.

Tell him to go to MAK-Japan or G-Front. Or maybe he also could knock on the doors to Sanwa & Seimitsu :).

This link might be useful:

Map of Akihabara

Thanks for the help guys.

Try Inc. has been the most friendly and helpful, if you can find them; they are on that Akhihabara map as ‘Try’ a single grey circle. Mak has a great selection as well, probably the best selection I saw if your looking for buttons and sticks. G-Front is AWESOME for pcb’s, and the inventory looked better than Mak, but didn’t seem that impressive for buttons and stick modding stuff. If you want standard Sanwa stuff, there is an electronics hobbyiest store not on that map that had the best prices of any of the stores I went to (Sticks were +/- 1700Y, 30mm buttons 160Y). Face the entrace to super Potato, turn around 180, and walk down the alley. The electronics store I mean is on the left, just past the store with the BIG ass speakers and laserdisc’s for sale. Their sanwa stuff is on the ground floor: go to the register on the inside of the store, not the front of the store. Face it and turn around 180 degrees and you’ll see it.

Actually I was going to ask him to get me Seimitsu stuff since I already had some Sanwa stuff on order. Do most shops carry both brands?

By pcbs do you mean controller pcbs or arcade pcbs? What about buying used stuff like old joystick mounting plates, any idea where I could get that stuff cheap? It looks like they’re at least 9800Y new.

By pcb’s, I mean arcade PCB’s. They stay away from console stuff, although most of them carry superguns.

If you want Seimitsu stuff, then stick to the arcade shops mentioned, Mak especially as they had the best visible display inventory of sticks and buttons. Many of the electronic component stores like the one I gave directions to have some basic sanwa stuff, but thats it.

Joystick mounting plates?? Not sure what you mean; for 9800Y, you had better be talking about an arcade control panel replacement. Check the sanwa and seimitsu catalogs that TheRealNeoGeo put up, and find the part number you need. Then you can take the part number, maybe with a picture, to the store to help locate it. 9800Y is a lot of dough.

Yeah, I’m talking about say the Blast City panel here:


control panel replacements are spendy; 9800Y actually sounds good for a new one. I was used to seeing them for about 15000Y. I know Mak had a box of used CP’s, but I don’t know if they were for sale or how much that would go for.

Where is MAK located as my friend is leaving to japan tomorrow and would like to inform him beforehand (im going all out seimitsu) I’m assuming they are in akihabara. correct me if I’m wrong. A prompt reply would Greatly be appreciated. Thanks again


Map is on the bottom. It’s right across the street from UFJ Bank and Excelsior Cafe. If you walk down the alleyway between Mak JP and UFJ Bank/Excelsior, Try will be on your left in two blocks. Finally, G-Front is just about 2 more blocks past Mak on the left from the main street.

fubarduck thanks for the mak japan info despite having looked up the info via god (google) once i found this thread. the directions however, were a BIG help. I just hope my friend finds the place though. I translated the directions to a certain extent to see if I can make out the info to relay the message but he and I shouldn’t have any problems as we both read japanese (just hope he doesn’t get lost, hehe) Thanks again though for the great help :woot:

My friend checked out the three places on that flash map and was unable to find Seimitsu buttons anywhere in Akihabara (he found me an LS-32 though). Does anyone here buy Seimitsu buttons in Tokyo?

Seimitsu buttons are typically special order only (need Japanese address) because not many people use them.

In that case is it best to order direct from Seimitsu or is there a better supplier you can recommend? I can ship to a Japanese address.

fubarduck, so what you’re saying is that if my buddy went to mak-japan he would be unable to pick ps-14-gx? if so, that sucks ass.

sorry for necroposting, but my friend’s coming home from japan in a few weeks.
do you think he can find Seimitsu LS32 levered microswitches around there?

JLF-TP-8Y and LS-32 + OBSF-30 are common things you may find in stores in Akihabara. Best way to get all things is to order directly from Sanwa & Seimitsu.

yeah, i’m sure they’re common, but what about the individual microswitches of those things? i have a lot of old LS32s and all the replacement bits except the siwtches. :frowning:

I think that is a typical thing you order from the partsmaker.